Atheistic Witchcraft

Anonymous asked: oh also if there’s any resources on atheistic witchcraft. thanks again

There aren’t many, unfortunately! Most books on witchcraft are centred around ditheistic, Wicca-flavoured religious craft and the atheist or non-Pagan witch will need to pick through these things to find something of value. Too many books purport to be about witchcraft and spend more time discussing religion (gods, holidays, religious rituals) than they do witchcraft. This is annoying, especially if one’s religion is not in line with these books but even if one’s religion is, and one simply wishes to learn more about the craft itself.

Doreen Valiente, despite being a religious witch herself and considering witchcraft a religion, nevertheless manages to be a good source on witchcraft and magic from a non-theistic perspective. Give ABC of Witchcraft and Natural Magic a read.

Way of the Hedge Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock manages to discuss witchcraft without assuming the reader is theistic or a Pagan, and she has other books (haven’t read them yet, so making an assumption here) that may be the same way, such asWay of the Green Witch (but I wouldn’t bother with her book about “Wicca”).

Have a look also for books on witchcraft written from a historical or anthropological perspective, such as Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits by Emma Wilby.

If atheistic spirituality is what you’re after, I haven’t read any, but there are a couple around, such as this one. Overall one gets the impression that most of these books on atheism and spirituality spend far too much time preaching to the converted, as it were, about how there is no god and too little time discussing the expression of spirituality for the atheist. You may find something of interest within Taoism or some forms of Buddhism

Other than that nothing springs to mind at present – books on non-theistic witchcraft are something we’re always interested in finding, so if anything else comes up, we’ll try to remember to mention it.

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  1. There is a spiritual site for Atheists called but the Atheist spoke of seems more Pantheistic to me….

    I personally feel you can be an Atheist and very spiritual, many Atheists meditate, some practice Yoga and Trance, some tells their friends they are sending them good thoughts and good energy, some I have known light candles on special days like a day to remember a lost loved one, I know one guy who has what he calls ME days where he goes out in Nature and spends the day hugging trees and dancing in the rain and then he goes home and lights candles and incense

    There are also a great many sites out there for Naturalistic Pagans

    I have hundreds of links at my disposal for non theistic, naturalistic and Pantheistic/Atheistic Witches and Pagans and also there is a form of Witchcraft popping up on the net called Shadakism which may mention God and Goddess or typically just The Goddess but is completely Naturalistic, Instead they believe that God/Goddess IS Nature/The Universe.


    Hope I was of use

  2. I find that it is easier to focus on books that center on what I’m interested in doing. Some of Scott Cunningham’s works I enjoy and you can pick around the parts about deities, but they offer some good sources of information. The books I have enjoyed the most are: (Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic), (Earth Power), (Earth, Air, Fire & Water), (Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs), and (Wicca in the Kitchen). That last book may not seem what you are looking for but I found it particularly useful as resource to what foods have what energies and the best ones to use for certain intentions. Anything you read you can adapt to your own beliefs, there is no rule that you can’t. It’s hard to find books without Gods and Goddesses being mentioned but I normally look past that and adapt whatever I find as I see fit. Best of luck to you!

    • Wrong. We can view the idea of magic as a name given to natural things, namely energy. The concept that we can influence our surroundings in magical ways can be entirely scientific and psychological. That is how I see magic.

  3. Witchcraft works on the assumption that all is connected.the existence of a god is not required.same for belief in an afterlife.there is no supernatural.there are only natural things we do not know about yet.

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