Happy Equinox

To those of you celebrating the equinox, in whichever form, enjoy the holiday! What form do your celebrations take? Let us know – and tell us about (or send us images of) your decorations, altars or shrines, or holiday celebrations.

TIP: Mercury In Retrograde

It looks like Mercury is going into retrograde yet again, so speak clearly and take time to understand, folks 😉

You may be seeing a lot of these warnings about. For those unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a bit of a low-down:

When a planet is “retrograde”, it appears to move backwards across our sky. This is just because of how that planet is moving relative to how the Earth is moving, and it happens three times a year.

In astrology, the planet Mercury, like its namesake, is related to communication. Thus when Mercury is in retrograde, one might find oneself with a sudden inability to make oneself easily understood, with greater problems in writing or communicating, or continually misinterpreting what others are saying.

I’m not sure how I feel about astrology generally, but I’ve had the retrograde kick me in the arse a few times, so I tend to pay a little more attention to how I’m communicating, and take a second look if I take offence to something, just in case I have misread.

Happy Anthesteria!!!

In the interests of Paying More Attention to Pagan holidays outside the generic Western European 8, a happy Anthesteria to all Hellenic Pagans and others who are celebrating this week. Enjoy your wine! Hail Dionysos!

(I don’t know the Greek way to say “happy holidays” or anything like that. You can prob’ly tell. I didn’t want to look it up and get it wrong and look like an ass. )

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Atheistic Witchcraft

Anonymous asked: oh also if there’s any resources on atheistic witchcraft. thanks again

There aren’t many, unfortunately! Most books on witchcraft are centred around ditheistic, Wicca-flavoured religious craft and the atheist or non-Pagan witch will need to pick through these things to find something of value. Too many books purport to be about witchcraft and spend more time discussing religion (gods, holidays, religious rituals) than they do witchcraft. This is annoying, especially if one’s religion is not in line with these books but even if one’s religion is, and one simply wishes to learn more about the craft itself.

Doreen Valiente, despite being a religious witch herself and considering witchcraft a religion, nevertheless manages to be a good source on witchcraft and magic from a non-theistic perspective. Give ABC of Witchcraft and Natural Magic a read.

Way of the Hedge Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock manages to discuss witchcraft without assuming the reader is theistic or a Pagan, and she has other books (haven’t read them yet, so making an assumption here) that may be the same way, such asWay of the Green Witch (but I wouldn’t bother with her book about “Wicca”).

Have a look also for books on witchcraft written from a historical or anthropological perspective, such as Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits by Emma Wilby.

If atheistic spirituality is what you’re after, I haven’t read any, but there are a couple around, such as this one. Overall one gets the impression that most of these books on atheism and spirituality spend far too much time preaching to the converted, as it were, about how there is no god and too little time discussing the expression of spirituality for the atheist. You may find something of interest within Taoism or some forms of Buddhism

Other than that nothing springs to mind at present – books on non-theistic witchcraft are something we’re always interested in finding, so if anything else comes up, we’ll try to remember to mention it.

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