TIP: Mercury In Retrograde

It looks like Mercury is going into retrograde yet again, so speak clearly and take time to understand, folks 😉

You may be seeing a lot of these warnings about. For those unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a bit of a low-down:

When a planet is “retrograde”, it appears to move backwards across our sky. This is just because of how that planet is moving relative to how the Earth is moving, and it happens three times a year.

In astrology, the planet Mercury, like its namesake, is related to communication. Thus when Mercury is in retrograde, one might find oneself with a sudden inability to make oneself easily understood, with greater problems in writing or communicating, or continually misinterpreting what others are saying.

I’m not sure how I feel about astrology generally, but I’ve had the retrograde kick me in the arse a few times, so I tend to pay a little more attention to how I’m communicating, and take a second look if I take offence to something, just in case I have misread.

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