Sacred Moments #6

Ride The Tiger Of Innocence

Dark September my soul lays siege to your heart,
Yet I am a flightless bird doomed to watch as others fly away.
Still I am not alone, for I have destiny embraced within my inner eye,
And my soul, less the tumult of my sorrow,

Breeds new destinies beyond the limits and crashed perspectives, dreams and burned hopes.

Awakened is the Tiger of Innocence,
Explosive are its claws and it clings fiercely onto destinies wild rump,
And rides into the dangers and mishaps allotted.

Fierce-some are its teeth, sleek its body.
Young but old, wild but free.
With the wisdom of a thousand lives in a young soul.
Blazing like the Sun through the one thousand adventures of this souls destiny,
With a maddening scream of fierceness and terror for all that would get in its way.

For I am alive,
And alive I’ll be until you bury me.
I am the challenge and the challenged.
The victor and the victorious.

I am all things of Heaven,
And I cannot die for I have never been born.
I am the timeless dust of the Galaxy,
Swirling into one form after another.

Come join the Dance,
Let us dance with each other and explode the myth that we are separate.

We are the Heroes and Heroines of the Earth,
And we are FREE.

Free to choose a new destiny, a new soul, a new religion, a new life,
Love and freedom from the, past, present and future.
Be Love, live it set yourself free.

Do it now,
Explode the myth of you,
And become the the compassionate, kind, tolerant reality of us.

Shatter the shields of your destiny, the seals of your past, the hopes of your limits,

And like a Tiger clinging fiercely to the wild rump of a bucking destiny,
Breathe new life into your soul and the World eternal,
By the screaming antics of a mad person, alive, living, uncontrollable,

Laughing all the way towards death and the illusion of life.
Surrounded by the bubbling madness of others confusion,
disasters and eternal love.

Ride The Tiger Of Innocence by Dagda Segais

Tuesday morning 26-06-2012

This poem/prose comes from the Otherworld, automatic writing of the Muse of the mind, it tumbles out on paper and sings I am alive write me, write me now, lest I vanish from this world and my glory die unknown. 🙂

(re-posted with permission)


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