Sacred Moments #9

Many Neo-Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere may be celebrating Lughnasadh around this time. While most are likely to celebrate closer to the beginning of the month, I tend to wait for the cross-quarter day, which this year falls on the 6th for those in the US. For the last decade or so, this particular Sabbat has always had deep meaning for me, so when I came across the following not to long ago, felt it was definitely worth sharing.

To Tailtiu

Great-hearted Tailtiu, daughter of distant kings,
beloved bride of Eochaid, enduring one
who lived through loss, who weathered the storm of war
and stood strong in spite of sorrow and suffering.
Tailtiu, foster-mother of clever, crafty Lugh,
kind one who cared well for the long-handed one,
as if he were her own dear child; in gratitude
for your love and keeping, in honor of your goodness
and your mettle, did he decree that games be held,
that all should feast and frolic in your name,
recalling your virtue and your worth. O goddess,
Tailtiu of field and farm, I praise and honor you.



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