Pagans in the Workplace

I’m currently a student studying radiography and I was wondering if there are other Wiccans in the modern healthcare industry? I have researched this topic but have yet to get an answer so I figured I would ask.

The simple answer is yes – there are Wiccans, Neo-Pagans, Witches, etc… in almost every career sector imaginable. It’s common misconception I think, to view Pagans as fringe-dwellers, who only live off the land, or who only use “traditional” healing methods as they make their daily journey through the seasons of the year. Not saying that this is how you specifically view them, but many often seem to (or at least variations of it).

The fact is (contrary to most typically portrayed stereotypes) Pagans (of all flavors) are just like everyone else. They live, eat and breathe in the modern world – drive cars, use computers/technology, eat fast-food, aren’t always very environmentally friendly, and can be just as mean and hateful as the next person, etc… The only real difference is their religious/spiritual choices are a bit different than what is considered “mainstream”.

Other than that, there is really no way to know exact numbers. Religious affiliation is one of those “not allowed to ask” type questions for employers, so there is really not any sort of concrete data available on that front. Additionally, religion is one of the three big “taboo” subjects (along with sex and politics) in terms of maintaining “healthy” employee/co-worker relations, so it can sometimes make it exponentially more difficult to find out if there are fellow Pagans in the workplace, or if you are the only one for miles around.

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  1. I can attest that there are Pagans of all flavors in modern medicine. Though I intend to transition to human medicine soon, I work in veterinary medicine and have for 10 years now. I’m a Gaelic Polytheist and Ive worked eirh a general Pagan in another city and currently work with a NeoWiccan woman. And there are a lot of Pagan aware and Pagan friendly I comeontoncintact with regularly…and I live in the American South. While it can be risky to be out as any non-majority faith in the workplace, wearing inconspicuous symbols (Triskelion for me, quatrelion for Gaulish Polytheists, triple moons for Wiccans/NeoWiccans, etc) can advertise to those in the know without outing yourself to those that don’t.

  2. Of course there are! The only roadblock you’ll encounter is coming across those who are open to express their path, and closet Wiccans and Pagans. Of course, the location of the individual, type of work, and background are contributing factors.

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