Are Crystals Required for Wand Making?

When making a pagan wand is it necessary to use a crystal? I’ve looked everywhere and could not find a answer.

Unless one is a member of a specific tradition which has exacting requirements for how one’s wand should be made, a wand – like most other magical tools, is a personal thing. Yes, they are practical in nature, but in truth you can usually design it however you want to, and include whatever materials you want to (as long as it can still perform it’s intended function) .

Some choose to make a number of different wands, each corresponding to a particular purpose, and others choose to make a single wand that they use for all magical purposes – it’s your choice. In either case though, you would want to use materials that best represent your intended use (whether specific or general), and while using commonly accepted symbols/materials is often a popular choice, as long as you have a reason for including something else (either UPG, lore-based or just because it looks pretty damn spectacular), it’s entirely up to you.

Crystals tend to be used often, because of their inherent properties, not only in terms of correspondences (there is probably a crystal for almost any purpose we could possibly imagine), but also their ability to channel and/or hold magical energy. So if you like crystals… use them, if you don’t, that’s fine too, there are plenty of other items that can serve in their stead. Use whichever ones speak to you.

I know people who have intricately crafted wands, with crystals and carved sigils, and I know people who have store bought toy “fairy-godmother” type wands and people who have ones that are somewhere in between – all use them with pride. In the end is the only real question is… does the wand work for you? As long as the answer is yes, then that’s all that really matters.

Dream: What Does It Mean?

I have had a dream where I see a boy with three crystals in a triangle the right side white the left purple and the bottom red and when he held them up to the sun they shined down on the earth what could they mean?

We touched a bit on dreams in an earlier post, and I will echo some of that here as well. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to dream interpretation, is that no matter what the dream dictionaries or symbolism books say, at the very heart of it all is…  what do those specific things mean to you?

While there are many generally accepted meanings to certain things, we have to remember that context and our own personal experiences, are key to understanding them. So while one person may dream of being at the beach, and think it is the most beautiful dream in the world – to someone who has an absolute fear of drowning, dreaming of being at the beach might very well be a nightmare to them.

In regards to your specific question – we’ll be completely honest and say that we have absolutely no idea what your dream might mean. Several of us got together and pondered it and nothing immediately jumped out at us. I’ve included links to some general meanings, however I would take this opportunity to ask some of our fellow readers, if you have any insight on this, please feel free to comment below. We would gladly welcome any assistance, as it pains us not to be able to offer even some sort of basic idea.

Potentially relevant as well, is the fact that sometimes, a dream is just a dream – so it could be that there really isn’t any sort of meaning behind it, other than you ate too much spicy food before you went to bed, or something that you saw on TV during the day decided to have a bit of fun with you while you were sleeping.

Some things to ask yourself…

  • Did you recognize the boy in the dream? Was it you, or someone you know, or someone completely random?
  • Do those particular colors mean anything to you?
  • Does the number 3 hold any special significance to you?

Links to basic symbolism…

boy with three crystals in a triangle the right side white the left purple and the bottom red and when he held them up to the sun they shined (or shined) down on the earth