Sacred Moments #4

Ran across this the other day and thought it was worth sharing!

By the Light of Morning…

By the light of morning
In the chill air
We greet you, o Helios, Lord of the Sun

And at this hour
And with all our hopes laid bare
We seek you, o Helios, Lord of the Sun

For when the Sun rises
And the light of day kisses our skins
We will know you, o Helios, Lord of the Sun

So watch us today
As we play, as we toil
Watch and guard over us, o Helios, Lord of the Sun

by Hector Lugo

Sacred Moments #3

This week we are offering a selection from the Pyramid Texts, which are a collection of religious texts  from Ancient Egypt, that date back to the Old Kingdom period. The following is a hymn to the Goddess Nut…

Utterance 432

782. O Great One, who came into being in the sky, you have achieved power,
you have achieved strength, and have filled every place with your beauty;
the entire land is yours. Take possession of it, for you have enclosed the earth
and all things within your embrace, and you have set this King as an
Imperishable Star who is in you.

source: “The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts” translation by R.O. Faulkner

Sacred Moments #2

Today’s devotional is a sonnet by an Odinswoman we know. Many thanks to her for allowing us to post it here.


Gallows Load

Burnished gallows set with red
Caress the fevered, empty mind
Of man who hangs bloodied and blind
To reach for wisdom, not for bread.

I think to hang there in his stead
And wonder if I dare to bind
My destiny to be his kind
And follow where he never lead.

To ride my orlog like a steed,
If I could dare to take the plunge
Into the noiseless emptiness
That calls me with its baseless need,
Of wisdom’s touch and daring’s lunge
To aid with endless lovingness.

       ~ by Deoridhe Grimsdottir