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  1. Hello,

    I am currently trying to find a group with whom to interact and study in Charlotte, NC area and am having difficulty doing so. Could you help me?

  2. Question Ask through out Tumblr page…

    Q: It took me a while to figure out what the lines between Trad Wicca, Eclectic Wicca and Eclectic Paganism were. Knowing when you’re no longer a solitary eclectic Wiccan but a Gaelic Polytheist (or any other distinct form of paganism) would be helpful to newcomers, I’m sure.


  3. Hello, I have been doing alot of studying, and I feel that becoming a Wiccan is the right path for me. My question is that since I was raised as a catholic, how can I “switch” religions? Do I have to do something to change to become a Wiccan?

  4. Okay… I am new to Paganism (I’ve known about Wicca since I was 12, but I have gotten into it hardcare in the last month or so) and I have been really confused on which path is right for me, and I want to do this right. People keep telling me to pray and to meditate, and to research/read. The problem is… I’m not sure what to pray or meditate for or research/read. Right now, I am reading Scott Cunningham’s book for the solitary practice, because that is what I want to do, be a solitary witch. I would like to study witchcraft, healing, herbs, stones, divination (mostly tarot and pendulums), nature and the moon. Perhaps you could give me an idea of where to go with this?

  5. Hi, I’ve been searching all over the internet for scholarly information on how psychoactive plants were used in early religions, and how they may have shaped the religions as a whole. So far, I haven’t had much luck in my search. Can you help me?

  6. Hello there, I’m a young Pagan, being only 16, but I live in a very small very strict Christian town and few here are open minded. Being in high school, and knowing how fast things go around, I try very hard to hide my beliefs which sometimes makes me very sad. My beliefs are me, so I’m hiding myself. Only my closest of friends know my religion, but I still have to hide in a whole. Should I just embrace my religion and not care about my social life as a 16 year old? There are moments here I actually fear for my life because of my religion. I don’t know what to do. Should I continue to hide it until I’m 18 and move out? Please and thank you!

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  9. Hello, basically I have known about and been very interested in paganism since I was about 10 years old. I’m just confused as to which path to follow seeing as there seem to be so many! I think I will most likely be a solitary witch and am definitely interested in practicing magik, following the moon, the seasons, following the wiccan rede, healing, all sorts really. I just really need advise on getting stuck in, I mean there’s so much to learn where do you start?! I wish it were easier to find someone to guide me on my path.

  10. Hello, I am having trouble finding information specificly on having Freyja as a patron goddess. I have always considered myself agnostic, but I looked up symbols I have been dreaming about my whole life (boars, wolves, a woman, the word ‘vala’ which turns out to be another word for völva) and they led directly to Freyja. Unfortunately, the little bit of information I can find about her is extremely sparce and redundant.

  11. I consider myself Rokkrtru and work almost exclusively with the Jotnar. It is well known that Thor’s favourite pastime is bashing Jotnar with his hammer, and that the AEsir and Jotnar are enemies. Why is it then that Thor’s own mother is a Jotunn – Jord, and yet he still feels hatred towards her (and indirectly his own) kin? Similarly, Odin swears an oath with Loki (another Jotunn) and they become blood brothers, while he sleeps with Jord to produce Thor. If the two principal gods of the pantheon have this close a relationship with the Jotnar, why is there this apparent contradiction where they are enemies?

    • Sorry for the late reply, we are still pulling together a few resources, but the short answer is that they really aren’t enemies, and a lot of the “hatred” that many feel towards the Jotnar, and even Loki are based on misconceptions and in most cases not taking the time to do a bit more in-depth study of the lore. Hope to have a more specific reply within the next couple days. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

    • To be honest we could write a long essay for you, but you’re much better served by reading the lore and solid sources such as Gundarsson’s “Elves, Wights and Trolls”, which speaks of them at length and will give you a better impression of the wide variety of Jotnar and their various relationships with the Aesir. Essentially, it may be “well known” that the Aesir and Jotnar are enemies, but it’s not true.

      Aside from the Jotnar just in general not being opposed to the Aesir, most of the Aesir have Jotun ancestry and some are apparently full-blooded. Tyr is of Jotun stock, yet is Aesir. Ditto Loki.

      Read Elves, Wights and Trolls, and everything it cites, is my advice to you.

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  13. Hi, I’ve been studying paganism for about 3 years now gathering as much information I can on the subject. I would say I identify as being very eclectic, interested in witchcraft and very nature based, but what next? I feel like I’m stuck in a beginners rut, most of the information I find is aimed at beginners and I’m not progressing. I’m also having trouble putting what I’ve learnt into practice, I want to try ritual but I don’t know where to start, plus moneys an issue for supplies (although I would try where possible to use materials I find out and about) any advice would be greatly appreciated, love and light.

  14. I have had a dream where I see a boy with three crystals in a triangle the right side white the left purple and the bottom red and when he held them up to the sun they shined down on the earth what could they mean?

    • This was a tough one. We’ve given a bit of info here. However we’ve also put a call out for reader assistance, to see if anyone else might have somewhat better insight. Thanks for asking!!

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  16. I have read through all of your answers and looked through the site and I thought I’d just go ahead and ask since you give wonderful advice and guidance. I am struggling with an identifiable name for my spirtual path because I feel like I am all over the place, reading everything and overwhelmed. I’ve had people tell me to just follow my intuition, which helps for a while but then I’m back to overwhelmed-ville! I basically follow the season, moon phases, and like to feel connected to nature. Maybe I should say ‘I’m on my own personal spiritual path’ and be done with it. On a side note, most recently, I’ve learned how to pick the good info from the bad, after much reading so that helps me to find better information. (Such as this place…so helpful!)

  17. Hello. I find myself in a number of a tough spots concerning my spirituality.

    I am a male eclectic who tends to consult the female divine before the male, with an emphasis on the Norse gods of my ancestors, though I also worship Lilith.

    But this has created a number of problems for me, as I live in a strongly christian family and community.

    My worship of Lilith has led to me being likened to a virtual satanist by members of my parent’s church, and I am often ignored completely by those people, even when I volunteer my time and effort to help them set up sound or computer equipment as an act of good will. Nobody speaks to me unless they have no other choice, yet when I was a christian, they were the nicest possible people to me.

    My parents are a little better, but they still repeatedly try to convert me to Christianity by trying to guilt me, or worse yet by calling the stories of my Norse ancestors, which I cherish as much as any christian cherishes the word of Christ, “fictional tales”, which I find deeply insulting on a number of levels. I love the gods and stories of my ancestors, and I wish that my parents could respect that, if only when I was around, at the very least.

    It’s sad, because I feel I should be able to speak to my own parents about spiritual matters without facing constant ridicule.

    Despite my friends who are all supportive of my path, I feel very alone, and I would like to know how I might approach these situations in a manner that is kinder and more respectful than how I have been treated so far.

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  19. I am living in my grandfather’s home and he doesn’t know I’m a Pagan. He’s a very devoted Christian, and he grew up with Christianity and doesn’t seem to be very open minded. My father on the other hand is very supportive. Even though my father did grow up going to a Christian church as a child he doesn’t criticize me. Is there anyway to bring this up and not offend my grandfather? I’m only 17 but I really care for him, and my grandma just passed. Should I bring it up at all?

    • While I can understand wanting to have the support of your Grandfather, as he is someone that you are close to, I really think that in this case – unless he is asking specific questions – that the best choice would be to not say anything at all. Especially at this point, if he is dealing with the passing of his wife, he’s already under a huge amount of stress, and going through the stages of grief that come along with such a loss. Adding anything on top of that, would just be way too much, and even under normal circumstances, if he might be inclined to be accepting – with all else that is changing in his life, he’s unlikely to take it very well. It’s possible that at some point in the future, there may be an opportunity to talk to him about it, but truly I don’t think that now is that time.

      I would also caution, that if you are living under his roof, that you be particularly respectful of that. If you know that he would be unwelcoming of Pagan practices, it might be a good idea (even if he hasn’t explicitly said “don’t do that”) to refrain from any sort of rituals – at least within the house.

      If you haven’t had a chance yet, I would also suggest reading the following, which cover some other aspects of “Things to Think About” when coming out of the broom closet, and/or “When Hiding One’s Beliefs May Be the Better Choice“.

      Good Luck!!

  20. Hello there!
    I was curious about something I have heard of in pop culture as well as many ancient stories from around the globe, the usage of curses or “dark magic.” I have heard from many pagans that dark magic doesn’t exist and from others that it does exist but it is a double edged sword. the ones who say it exists say that if you tried to curse or hex someone you would also curse/hex yourself because the energy gathered to preform the curse/hex would first flow through yourself. The others say that it is impossible to use magic in that way. What are your thoughts?

    • Lots of these are myth but there may be some merit to this myth. Because we are all human in that same respect. People that get angry could curse people out of spite but that is totally a human thing to do, and you should base your view on a couple of people that have done this. And keep in mind Satanists will do a sort of ritual that one would consider a curse to release their anger (This is normal on their part).

      About “dark magic” I personally use a little dark magic because in my view in nature there is both (black and white). Bad thing happen naturally and so do good things.

      Just keep in mind if you have a friend that is Pagan or Wiccan you should not be deciding if you still like them because the actions of another person.

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  22. Hi, i’m new to paganism and am wondering about Pan, and if he is a loving deity. I think our culture has stereotyped the idea of the devil so much that searching for understanding/differences/alternatives is difficult. I’ve heard of the green-woman but not very much about her. Goddesses interest me, its just that compared to the hypocritical ideas in christian religions of a loving god + hell, other kinds of male deities interest me too… i’d like to believe in good ones in general that work for me.

      • Wow, i never actually thought about having free will when it came to hearing a call from a deity. I very much respect the need to let your hair down and feel free/happy as it were….but what i have a problem with is the idea of nymphs going to great lengths to avoid getting caught while chased by Pan….it reminds me to much of sexual predators, with personal things in my life that could never be comfortable to me. Am I misinterpreting something? What exactly did you mean by Pan in the word panic? When i said good i didn’t mean in a cut and dry way, just something/someone that sat very well to me.
        Thank you…

    • but what i have a problem with is the idea of nymphs going to great lengths to avoid getting caught while chased by Pan….it reminds me to much of sexual predators, with personal things in my life that could never be comfortable to me. Am I misinterpreting something?

      I think that it’s one of those things where in the normal course of things – he just likes to have a good time, and sometimes that works for some people, and sometimes it doesn’t. He’s noted for an association with fertility and sexuality, and considering some of his other attributes, there are probably instances where it can go too far.

      What exactly did you mean by Pan in the word panic?

      One of Pan’s aspects, is as the God of Panic. So there is within him, the ability for causing terror, madness, and/or sudden illogical fear.

  23. I could not find where to specifically ask a question, so I apologize if this winds up attached to someones blog. So I have been Shaman for a long time, but an atheist one. I did not believe in any gods or goddesses. The last few years Odin and Freya have been appearing to me. I started to believe in them and wanted to identify with their tradition.
    My husband practices what is called Asatru, but he prefers to be called heathen. I found out why, when researching our faith every American Asatru network was connected to neo nazisim and the most hateful practices.
    I am so upset and I feel like I am losing my faith. My husband swears those people are not part of actual Asatru, and that this is why most followers of Asatru now just call themselves Norse Pagans or Heathens. The Odin and Freya I am familiar with were the most loving beings I’ve ever encountered and I feel like a whole that was filled is being emptied. As the mass American belief in this is so horrible I don’t know how to find what the information I need. I am scared that the whole belief might be like this and I just didn’t realize. I hope it’s not true, because for the first time in my life I felt fulfilled and at peace, and then I went to research it and everything changed. I’ve been told repeatedly by my husband that what I do, healing people, healing nature, communing with spirits and following the example of Odin and Freya is what the religious followers actually do and the other people just perverted and poisoned it, but the problem is is that I cannot find ANY information on the old ways, which is what we both practice. I will never ever associate myself with neo nazism, even if it means losing my religion, but I hope my husband is right. That those people perverted it and what they do has nothing in common with true Asatru. Sorry for how long this is, this has been really hard on me. Any help would be wonderfully welcomed.

    • You found the right place to Ask, and we are glad that you did. In this case your husband is correct, and there is no reason why you can’t practice the religion that you feel you’ve been called to. You can find our complete take on the issue here.

  24. Hello. i dont know an awful lot about wicca.but for 5 years ive been able to sense (feel) a spirit guide.always there especially in times of need. for 2 days now i keep dreaming and thinking of a red took me on its back and seemed friendly.he said his name is damascus.i think maybe just a lucid dream.but something in my head says theres more to there any reference to dragons perhaps?

  25. I cannot find anything on the history of mermaids. I mean, I can, but everything seems unsubstantiated. I would like to consult a professional.

    • My apologies for the late reply. Honestly I’m not entirely sure what you are looking for – mermaids (and similar) show up in the lore across a fairly wide variety of cultures. In many cases it’s likely that sailors mistook other sea-creatures for them, but overall it’s hard to say.

      I know recently Animal Planet has had a couple different shows on Mermaids claiming that they are real – both shows were “mockumentaries”, meaning that they were designed to look like factual documentary-style shows, but were in fact primarily fictional entertainment. As of yet there no actual evidence that mermaids exist.

      As far as additional sources for research purposes, at this point, I’d direct you to the main Wiki page – there is a huge list of resources at the bottom which would be a good place to start learning more. You can also probably find many of the mentioned folklore tales and mythologies on the Sacred Texts website.

  26. I have a moral question. Firstly. I would like to say this girl. Is my best friend. But he is messing with. An. Engaged man. Now she knows. She shouldn’t. But that’s not what’s confusing me it’s the fact that she has the herpies simplex virus and I think they have had sex and I don’t think she told him that ache has an std. Should I tell him that she has it?

    • Have you talked to her at all about any of this? If you haven’t then you need to sit down with her and talk to her about it. There may not be a lot you can do about her seeing someone who is engaged – it’s her choice – and something that is between the two of them (and the fiancée). All you can do is ask her to think about how she would feel if someone she cared about ever did something like that to her. Remind her too, that if he will cheat on someone else, it’s likely he’ll cheat on her as well at some point.

      As to the other – I think that you should encourage her to come clean to him, if they are having a sexual relationship. It’s pretty reprehensible to knowingly pass around an STD, and especially in the case of herpes, a condom doesn’t always protect against that. Nor does not being in the middle of an outbreak guarantee that it can’t be passed on, so it’s always good for one who is infected to give their partner correct information, so that they can properly weigh the risks. You may want to mention to her as well, that people who knowingly pass on an STD (or fail to disclose such) can be at risk for legal action if their partner ends up with one and decides to sue.

      If she absolutely won’t tell him, and you are sure that they are having sex, then you have to do what your conscience tells you is the right thing to do. Realize though, that it might cost you your friend. Personally they both probably deserve what they get, but I wouldn’t want the fiancée to get caught in the middle of it. So that’s something you have to consider as well.

  27. I was on a walk surrounded by nature and I asked the to show me a form of her and in the next two steps a coyote appeared….was this a sign from her? BB

  28. I am 16 and a fairly sensitive empath. And I have a habit of taking in lots of animals, because I feel like I have an actual physical need to have animals around me. When I don’t have any I start to lose my sanity a little, I start seeing things, get depressive, violent… but when I’m with my animals, I feel safe and calm, like I belong with them. And sometimes I can communicate with my animals as well, even the reptiles, they don’t speak to me with human words but somehow, I still understand. People are starting to tell me I’m crazy and have too many animals (I now have 32 with two litters of mice on the way), but when I start to get stressed, I just get another animal. It helps me through the stress of the world around me. Is there an explanation for all this?

    • Also, don’t be calling me an animal hoarder, because I have the capability of taking care of every one of my animals. They are all healthy and active as can be, and the rescues are getting there.

    • hi,
      i just read your comment. I’m 18 and I feel exactly the same. I wouldn’t call myself an empathy and i don’t feel the need for many animals. However i feel out of place with people. when im out in nature or with my dog i feel as if the whole world is at peace and that I’m fully accepted. when I’m with people i don’t fit in.

  29. Hello I am finding it kind of hard to follow how to practice paganism and I want to learn but what I am finding is that it is very broad and there arnt many set things, it seems it is made up by each individual person in their own ways.

  30. Hi, i am a guy living in a really stiff condition regarding my psychological instincts. I am neither a psycho nor a hyper active person. It’s just that all the time i feel half in this world (it may sound funny!) but the other half is always in illussion. I hope you guys can help if you can.
    P.S- My D.O.B- november 17, 1988 time- 15:55 + i have a perfect pentagon star on my right palm below the thump pointing upwards.

  31. Hello,

    I’ve been studying paganism for years, reading new literature every moment and following anything interesting online.

    I am making a unique ring for a family member for a milestone stone in life. I would like to cleanse, consecrate, and charge the piece for this person.

    Should I do this on my own or should I have the individual do it with me? I am looking to charge it with the energies of the materials being used.

    Please give me any advice you have! 🙂

  32. My mother is a pagan. Unfortunately we do not have a good relationship and havent spoken in a long time. She used to give me vinegar baths, after doing a search I’ve found that it can be used for protection from negativity or against those who you wish to be gone. Is this correct?
    Thankyou for your time

  33. Hello,
    I was raised really with the freedom of finding my own religion. I have always felt strongly towards nature and tend to see all living things as equal. If we practice Magik are we not undermining the powers of mother nature by believing we can change things with magik? And how can we be sure this isn’t used for the wrong reasons?

  34. I’m currently a student studying radiography and I was wondering if there are other wiccans in the modern healthcare industry? I have researched this topic but have yet to get an answer so I figured I would ask.

  35. Hi my names Seren and I have know of a while I want to follow a path of paganism and in my own way spiritually I have tried. But as Im getting older ( I was 9 when I discovered paganism ) I have realised I haven’t actually found a path and keep flickering between a few. I just wanted to ask how do I know which one because a part of me wants to be Wiccan, another Asatru and another neo-Druidist and I really cant find one to follow. So I was wondering is there something I can read which might help me find my way? or do you have any advice?

  36. Hi, I’m fairly new to all of this, and I have *so* many questions! To start off, how should I go about leaving offerings? I’m very interested in Dionysus (and I think that he isn’t all too bored with me yet), I think I should leave him grape juice (as I’m too young to buy alcohol), honey, and the like in the woods (they aren’t as wild as I would like, but they’re all I have around here). Is there any certain thing I should say, or a place to leave it, such as in a tree, on the ground, etc? Also, how would I know if he accepted it? Would you recommend leaving jewelry with amethysts (I heard it was his symbolic stone) or purple beads on it? I know of the maenads and how they would run into the wild for him, but did they just have sex and hunt? Is it required to hunt with your bare hands for it to count? Is it *really* normal to not be outright contacted by your god, but instead have small signs?
    Thank you so much in advance!

  37. Hello. I’m a twenty two year old college junior. I’ve been a pagan a little over a year now. My mother is a devout christian. I haven’t told her that I’m pagan. I feel guilty that she doesn’t know. I don’t like lying or keeping it a secret. I’m afraid it will break her heart if i tell her. By her belief, I am condemning myself to hell. Should I tell her? If so,how should I tell her? Thank you, Nikkie

    • It’s a really tough choice to make sometimes. While we don’t generally advocate outright lying to friends/family, you will definitely need to weigh the pros and cons of telling someone about your religious choices, particularly when you know that they will not approve, and worse it might even cause them distress to know. Generally if the stress and disruption of telling someone outweighs any of the potential positive benefits of them knowing, it’s better not to say anything.

      I would suggest reading the following, for some helpful suggestions on if/when one should let others know about their spirituality, or what factors can weigh into continuing to keep it to oneself…

      * When Hiding One’s Beliefs May Be the Better Choice

      * Pagan Coming Out Day: Things to Think About

  38. Hello, I have a question about paganism without gods. Is it possible? What does worshipping the triple goddess or the horned god achieve, if instead you’d prefer to appreciate the world around you. Are they simply figureheads, ritual shorthand, for the traits they represent? Would love some recommended reading and some helpful words. Thank you 🙂

  39. I would like to know….
    When making a wand I know most people…well…top it off with a crystal to help give it more power.
    I wanted to know if rocks could be used the same way?

    • I would suggest reading the following. Really you can use just about any material that you want to, in terms of making your wand. Rocks are minerals which can have properties, in the same way that crystals do. So there’s no reason why you can’t use them if that’s what calls to you.

  40. Hi. I’m trying to figure out how to fix a broken pendant spell. But so far I haven’t found much luck on finding anything that could help me. I desperately want it fixed because it means a lot to someone I care about dearly,but don’t know how to fix it. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • How is it broken exactly, or what exactly needs fixing?

      Magic isn’t like Harry Potter… we don’t wave a wand while saying “reparo” and suddenly make it all better. So if it’s a chain, or other physical part of the pendant that is broken, the only way to fix it would be to take it to a reputable jeweler and see if they have someone on staff that does metal working and/or jewelry repair. Other options would be if you know anyone who does jewelry making that is proficient in wire wrapping or, at the very least, has the tools/supplies to fix the chain (if that is indeed what it is).

      Outside of physical aspects, without knowing how it’s broken (in a magical sense), it’s nearly impossible to direct you to the right spell (assuming that such exists). Of course in most cases it’s better to write your own anyways, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to see what others have written to use a guideline if it’s something that is unfamiliar to you.

      Some sort of general things that you can try are cleansing and recharging if it’s a matter of the pendant not seeming to hold the same properties that it once had, but again without knowing specifics it’s really hard to give any sort of really concrete, advice. So definitely comment back so that we can help to point you in the right direction.

  41. Well it’s the spell that’s broken,not the charm.
    It was based off of something personal,if you don’t mind could I email the info to you for more details?

  42. Please help me if you can.I’m new to tarot cards.I decided to do a reading for myself.I asked the cards if i would become pregnant soon?
    This are thr cards I did a 4 cards spread.
    1.)past:reversed five pentacles
    2.)present:reversed wheel of fortune
    3.)future:reversed devil
    4.)distant future:reversed the tower.

    If you Can,can you please tell me what the cards are trying to say?

  43. Greetings,

    I am fairly new to the Wiccan path and I am confused about Deity. I understand in Wicca there are the main Goddess and God, who both form the Divine/Great Spirit. And that all cultural deities (for many Wiccans) are facets, faces or aspects of the God and Goddess. Like in Hinduism, many Deities but each one makes up the Whole. Yet what confuses me is that for example if someone did a ritual with Morrigan, Aphrodite and Shiva, it would be disrespectful to combine these deities together or treat goddesses the same. If they are all parts of one Whole, why would it be a bad idea to have them together? I hope this makes sense. It’s very confusing for me. Any advice would be great! -Nakomis

  44. My boyfriend is Wiccan and I told him from the begining if that is what you belive its okay with me. Recently we had a problem with sombeing targeting me and we blessed the house with sage, well he did. Anyway he expressex want to do some thing with me I do not remember the name it was hand binding? Anyway he belive i am extremely uncomfortable with him being wiccan and I not. How do I show him I am not uncomfortable, or in anyway do not support him?

    • I think you should just have him explain it more to you. If you feel uncomfortable with him doing a spell or cleansing the house with sage (sage is used to cleanse bad energy by the way, not to bless things). I don’t know much about the two of you or if you are still dating, but if you are, from what it seems like, you are uncomfortable because you don’t know what he’s doing.

      • I JUST REALIZED I COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD YOUR QUESTION! I truly apologize. Although, I still do believe your should just talk to him and try to have him explain more so you can get a good grip on his religion and why is follows it and see he feels more supported.

  45. I really don’t know what to make of some of the dreams I’ve such as dreaming of the other world to that day I had never seen or heard of it before as it came to me in a dream. I’ve a fairy fly past me before give me a kiss on my left cheek. I’ve had dreams that I was an elf. Lots of dreams an elf, a mermaid, and unicorn. I’ve had a dream where my was a mermaid and I asked her if I could come home. She told me it wasn’t my time. I really don’t know what to make of this. Every time I think of her I get really sad and depressed. Sometimes I feel as if I don’t belong here. I’m never take my life. It just feeling of not belonging here.

  46. Hello,

    For most of my life I have had no spiritual or religious calling, and have been dealing with a lack of emotional balance and sense of self and identity for the past year or so. Recently because I was curious since a friend of mine refers to himself as a Wicca, I googled Wicca and what I found really struck a chord with me in a manner that nothing else has before. It was really quite strange! Like others that commented here I’m searching for a direction to pursue, but at this point I think I know what I’m most drawn to.

    Nature has always been a fascination of mine, and I feel a strong connection to animals in particular. I would like to know where you reccomend to find more information about the God and the Goddess, as they appeal to me, since I feel that I would like to explore the male and female aspects of myself. But I am also interested in altars and circles, along with the rituals that relate to them. I like the idea of actively doing something in a symbolic manner to give thanks, celebrate, ask for guidance, (something I need in particular at this time of my life) or honor to someone, etc. I guess a more hands on path is for me?

    The five elements concept from Wicca traditions are also of intrigue, as are the Law of Three and the Rede. Due to my tendency to lose objects, pendulums might be helpful, are there books are them specifically? I’d also like to know what you recommend for learning about stones and perhaps runes, as there seems to be books absolutely everywhere on their meanings and properties.

    I am yet to decide on anything but I’ve been researching and will continue to do so, as I said, what I’ve seen so far of Wicca and witchcraft appeal to me the most.

    Thank you!

  47. Hello, I am fairly new to Wiccan and other source’s of magic…I have done few spells on my own a few times (nothing to serious to do damage) but well now I need some advice. I have checked everywhere on the internet…from Voodoo to Hoodoo to black magic and white magic. But the spells they gave me were alittle…over the line..I need simple non intimate spell on how to keep a soul mate with me and make them stay loyal and with me…he has given me permission to do a love spell and says if mind stay at ease then he doesn’t mind…I’m hopimg you could give me simple.spell.that doesnt involve making candles that look loke his penis or have to use his body hair (aka.pubic hair) if its possible. Then I can help and thank you

    • I’m going to suggest you read the following, and then think really carefully again about your question.

      Regardless of his permission (which odds are you probably haven’t explained the potential consequences adequately anyways, if you are still fairly new to your practices) If you have to do soulbinding magic to “ease your mind” – then there are underlying issues within the relationship that need to be addressed first. This is not something you do, as a last resort, to hold a relationship together. Arguably, it’s not something anyone should do ever really – the potential for disaster outweighs any potential benefits.

  48. what dose one give to the host of the mabon celebration as a thank you? is there a proper way to say thank you for when one comes to another’s home for rituals?

  49. My dad used to be a Christian minister and he blesses every house we move in to and I was wondering if that would interfere with any of my wiccan spells/practices?

    • Really will depend on how he’s wording them, and whether or not he’s invoking YHWH specifically. Something like a general “bless this house and keep it safe”, probably wouldn’t be an issue, but “GOD bless this house, use your might and power to cast out all evil, etc… ” might.

      Given that GOD tends to be a solitary sort of fellow, and not known for playing nice with others – He may view other Gods as interlopers, or if you are invoking other entities He may view them as demonic (even if they really aren’t). So in the context of the blessing, it could potentially cause him to intercede unnecessarily, which could affect the energy going into your work.

      May need to go behind your dad and do a deep cleansing ritual and then put your own home blessing in place. Or if you feel comfortable (and are open about your practices) ask him (nicely) to please stop, as you would prefer to do it your way.

  50. I had a dream where a shadow figure was after my mum. the moment I saw it in my dream I was scared, it was outside tried to grab my mum head (we were on the deck) & it came inside my house & tried to get to my mum but I stopped it, then it went down the hallway & that’s when I woke up. Even though I was scared it didn’t come,after me even though I was right in front of it at one point. Does anyone know what this dream means?

  51. A friend of mine has recently become a practicing witch, and she wanted to take a look at my palm earlier today.
    When I pressed her about the reading the most I got was her asking whether or not I felt anything. When I said I didn’t she simply said ‘good’.
    Any further question gets me called out for wanting every little thing explained to me, but I just want to know what she might have been looking for; it is my life she was inspecting after all.

    • Given that she won’t even give you a basic explanation without getting defensive about it, my guess is that she really wasn’t actually doing anything. Maybe just trying to look “witchy” or otherwise impressive/mysterious with her newfound practices.

      Typically, those who are new to learning such skills – when they are actually practicing them, like to explain what they are doing, so that if (particularly in the case of divination, or other types of readings) something actually comes to pass, there will be some sort of validation that they are doing things correctly (or are becoming more proficient in their skills). So the fact that she is avoiding, or outright blocking any of your attempts to question her, speaks volumes.

      Outside of that (if she was actually looking at something), there is really no way for anyone else to know what she might have been looking for. Assuming she was attempting to read your palm, there are any number of insights that one could potentially gain from that. In general, basic personality characteristics, things related to possible future paths that your life might take, as well as glimpses of things that have happened in your past which have directly impacted those future paths. You can read more about the basics of palmistry here.

  52. I just found out that my Grandmother, who passed away several years ago, was a Wiccan. It was never discussed, and was never brought up in the past. I didn’t come to the realization until recently when my mother had mentioned that she had books on witchcraft in a passing comment. While I don’t practice spellcraft, being more focused on spirituality and meditation, I would like to recover said books as it breaks my heart to think they are gathering dust in some basement. I’m not sure if I will find her grimoire or not, as no one knows if she kept one. Like I said, her being a Wiccan was never discussed, and my mother wasn’t even certain that was her religion. So what I’m getting at here, I’m not sure what to do if I find it. I was hoping you could offer suggestions how to handle this situation. Part of me feels as though I’ll be breaching a boundary of privacy by looking into the grimoire if I find one, another part of me demands that I look inside if I do find one for there were a lot of questions that sprung up around her passing.

  53. A few weeks ago, a candle sparked up a 5-6 inch flame (very odd) and lit a photo of Kuan Yin on fire (that had been hanging above my alter, framed.) As a result, my altar caught fire. I know this doesn’t happen often, per-se, but I’ve heard of it happening before. This definitely wasn’t something that was just ‘logic’, by any means it shouldn’t have happened (as in, there’s no physical way that the flame could have just jumped by chance and burned the photo.) Since I’ve restarted a temporary altar, I’ve found that a lot of my connection with Kuan Yin has dissipated. I don’t feel the same spark as I used to with her. When I noticed my connection with her fading, very suddenly I felt these weird ‘taps’ and ‘pulls’ trying to connect to Aphrodite and Hermes- I’m interested in working with them. Things were suddenly popping up around me and it was like they were demanding my attention, and whenever I read about them, try to connect with them, I can almost immediately visualize them. That didn’t happen with Kuan yin – she was more of a motherly love that I felt content with and that was shared with me. It was especially odd that, though the fire somehow spread to the center of my altar, the rose I’d laid out to dry had remained untouched and even free of ash, unlike all of the rest of my altar. That was a sign I hadn’t thought of until I’d had a dream of a woman with bright red hair, roses tucked and twined with her hair, surrounded by deep and dark waters, but untouched by them. I’ve never personally seen Aphrodite portrayed with such violently red hair before, but the figure in my dream had the same sheer aura of beauty as many would say embodies Aphrodite herself.
    Do you think that I should continue with my feelings and connect more with Aphrodite and Hermes? Or should I try to rekindle the connection I had with Kuan Yin? (Or maybe I made a mistake and the fire happened as a result – more of a karmic thing. I considered a lot of things, but I couldn’t necessarily find one that would render a fire like that, and the feelings in it weren’t necessarily negative. Of course I was scared, but there wasn’t actually a fear or panic within me, I felt unusually and oddly calm.)

  54. What is the “Crying Moon” phase of the moon? I have heard of this recently and have tried to find info on it, but I can’t find anything – it’s almost like it doesn’t really exist. Can you lead me in the right direction to learn more about this?

    • If you can remember where you heard about it, it might be good to ask the person you heard it from (or if it was a website, see if you can contact them). I’ve never heard of it either, and in searching around couldn’t find anything at all, other than a few songs with the title, that were completely unrelated to Paganism.

      If it was definitely being used in context with Paganism, could be that it was someone’s personal path, or may be that they have personal names for various phases of the moon. I will keep asking around though, and see if anyone else has any ideas.

      Edit… found some reference to it here, however, just given some of their other comments under that post, I don’t think that they are a very good source of information. The “class” they reference is on their website, but there wasn’t actually any additional information there about the that particular phase. Would be interesting to know what resources they are using for their information, but I really don’t suggest taking any of the classes, as (at least with some of the classes) I don’t think that they are all that reputable. If you did – I would take whatever you are “taught” with a large grain of salt, and cross-reference with other more credible sources.

  55. Thank you Sephira, for your help. The source where I heard this is a trusted source, and in fact is a question in an online class I am taking. The info that I have seen from the source is that it is a seldom used phase of the moon because it is associated with negativity, and most Pagans avoid it or pretend it doesn’t exist. However, it can be used for positive work when you are wanting to get rid of negative energy for yourself.

    I have been a bit confounded on this phase (in trying to learn more about the moon) in that there is absolutely no info avaliable on it – except for a song, like you said. I am supposed to elaborate more on this particular lesson, but have no resources to back it up. When asked about it, the basic info I gave you above is all the info the source has about it.

    I don’t want to “know” about something, but really not know about it, and was hoping you had more info. I really appreciate your help.

    • I just saw your edit Sephira, and thank you. I agree with you totally about taking things with a grain of salt unless the info has been thoroughly researched. One of the things I have respected about the school thus far is that they teach that the basis of all true knowledge is based on documented facts from many different reliable sources. I am a bit disappointed about the “crying moon” info (or lack of it), but because of the school’s demand for thorough research, this lack of info was discovered.

      I feel as if I have gained so much at the school, and nothing on this planet being perfect, that it probably won’t be the last time a slip up will be made on their part. I appreciate their #1 rule of truth and heavy research (and the base fact that it is free). I will stand behind the school; but, continue gaining the knowledge on my path by research and asking questions from many resources. I have much to thank the school for.

      I so appreciate you helping me, as I feel that you are a trusted resource as well.

      • Thanks!! Glad we could help. 🙂

        The comment that was made on the FB seems similar to that…
        “Most Pagans do not work with the Crying Moon and Wiccans do not work with it or even consider its existence because it is commonly the time that Curses are done and when negative magick is performed. Because of the Harm None rule of Wicca, the Wiccan community simply ignores this aspect of the moon phases and pretends it doesn’t exist.”

        So, I’m wondering if they are just repeating what was said elsewhere.

        That particular comment is why I suggest taking other things of theirs with extra helpings of salt, because there are many erroneous statements within that comment. The main being the bits about Wicca and curses in general, as Wicca (and the Rede in particular) does not prohibit harm and cursing. The Rede simply advises one to carefully consider their actions before taking them. There is no such thing as a “harm none” rule. These sorts of things tell me that what they are teaching about and calling “Wicca” probably isn’t really Wicca. Which doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing, or not a perfectly valid path. Just that it’s something different that has potentially been mislabeled.

        If you have any other questions feel free to ask. If I find out anything else, I’ll post it here as well. 🙂

  56. So I have a highly sensitive Wiccan and seams to shut me down no matter what I ask her. The only thing I want to understand is the pentagram symbology. What is a pentagram and how does it differ from a pentangle, pentalpha, or a pentacle? I tried asking my friend but when ever I use these words in the same sentence I am acussed of being ignorant for claiming they are the same which is not what I was trying to say. I simply wanted to know the differences. And also how the meanings differ from the Western, Eastern, and Greek meanings. Please help.

  57. Pagan seams to be a very vague term for non main stream religion, but what is it that links these particular religions that are labled pagan together?

    • It is a vague term, and the only thing that links ALL Pagan religions together is the fact that they are all “non-Abrahamic” (meaning that they are not Christian, Muslim or Jewish-based faiths, all of which follow Abraham’s God).

      Outside of that, the various traditions and paths that fall under the Pagan umbrella all have their own beliefs and practices. Some may be similar to others, or share similar practices, but there is really nothing else that fully links all of them together.

      You can read more on the Paganism FAQ page.

  58. Hi! I’ve got a question I haven’t much luck googling, and I hope you can help.

    I’m writing a story, and one of the characters is, essentially, a mystic– he can see/hear/sense the deities of his place in some ineffable sense. I’m hoping to do some research about people who have had this kind of religious experience since childhood, but I can’t seem to hit the right keywords. Do you have any resources I could look into?

    • As Paganism is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of beliefs and practices, there really aren’t any overarching “community belief” systems. Even when the term is used as a short for NeoPaganism, which is often loosely based on Wiccan practices/beliefs, there are still such diverse views, that it’s still hard to come up with something that ALL agree on, or follow. I would suggest reading the Paganism FAQ – which covers some of the basics, as well as lists some of the more common Pagan traditions, along with what they believe in.

  59. Hi! so recently I’ve gotten into witchcraft and was interested in starting as an eclectic witch, the problem is, I need a teacher (I’m scared I wont cast a circle right and I would like a teacher to teach me correctly so I don’t screw up). help?

  60. I’m looking for resources on mystery plays– examples of mystery plays done in the past and current ages. Also, might anyone know if there are sample/model mystery play rituals that I can use to write my own? I have some ideas for one, but I’m overwhelmed with possibilities, and considering someone will have to stand in for the goddess, I don’t want to perform the ritual in a way that would offend Her. I just need some examples to help give the ritual form. Thank you!!!

  61. If you only practise witch craft and celebrate the sabbats is that considered a religion?
    If you practise witch craft are you also Wiccan? I know this to be false yet so many people continue to call their practise wiccan because of the similarity in words.
    If you call yourself a witch bc you practise witch craft, is that correct?
    Then if you r a self proclaimed witch does that mean you are not practising other pagan trads and the like. I would assume not and choose not to take the person seriously when talking of witch craft or pagan paths.

  62. I wasn’t sure where to ask this question, but something lead me here. I hope you can help. I have had this necklace for as long as I can remember. It is a very old style, and it has followed me around my entire life. When I was in elementary school, I took it off and lost it. It then reappeared in my mom’s jewelry box when I went to visit her that summer. (She lived two states away) I have lost it several times, including when I moved to different states, and it always finds me. No one in my family knows where it came from, and can’t recall anyone giving it to me, or owning it before me. It feels very warm and protecting, so I don’t think it is cursed. I just wonder if there is such a blessing, and if you have ever heard of anything like this before. I do love this necklace, and feel oddly drawn to it, but sometimes I just wish I knew why it is the way it is. I appreciate any answer you may have, even if it is just an educated guess.

  63. Hi I’ve been wondering about facial hair, my work place would like me to be clean shaven but I wish to grow a beard as part of my beliefs. Hair can be a sign of strength and as a pagan and im new at this is there a rule of tradition I can use?

    Any help would be appreciated

    • Unless you are a member of a specific tradition (whose guidelines/sacred texts you can point to) that requires one to have facial hair, there’s really not any sort of generalized “rule” about that sort of thing.

      Paganism is an umbrella term that encompasses a huge variety of religions and paths, so while there may be some that require members not to shave, I can’t think of any that do, off the top of my head.

      Something else to keep in mind though, if you work around food or heavy machinery – shaving is generally more of a health/safety issue, than anything else. Most food service jobs want to ensure that someone’s facial hair doesn’t end up being the topping on a customer’s next meal. And if you are working around heavy machines, they want to make sure (mostly for longer beards) that you don’t get caught up and injured because of it. If either of those cases apply, then there is not likely any way around shaving, since there are laws and regulations in place that they can get fined for not adhering to.

      So, if there is not a way to compromise with a short, well-trimmed beard, it’s really going to come down to which one is more important to you – your job or the belief that your beard is a necessary part of your religion?

      If you absolutely feel that the beard is necessary, you can try to fight for it on religious grounds, but not being able to show any sort of actual proof, will make it difficult. Keep in mind too, that trying to fight it could end up costing you the job. So maybe make sure you have a back up plan in place, just in case.

  64. I have a question. I believe someone performed some kind of rite or spell over my daughter when she was just a baby.
    The woman in question lost her first born son to suicide when he was only 22 (her first born child was a little girl who died shortly after birth).
    When my first born (a girl) was in her care – I was in a separate room, something happened and my daughter began screaming terribly, I rushed to her and held her but she was all but inconsolable. Eventually she settled down but since that day her personality changed. Often she seems to have two personalities and now she is beginning to feel irrational fears and suicidal thoughts – she herself says they are irrational and doesn’t know where they are coming from. I fear that she may have some kind of attachment, that another soul is occupying her body and controlling part of her thoughts and behaviour. How can I remove and irradicate this attachment?

    • Please have your daughter evaluated by a qualified mental health professional. All to often, people attempt to ascribe treatable mental health issues to some sort of magical curse or spell (or possession), which leaves those they love suffering for no reason.

      Not sure how old your daughter is now, but if she is entering her teen years, it is very normal for their behavior to change. Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon, as one’s hormones go absolutely nuts during this time, but it’s also something that needs to be evaluated by a doctor.

      Once she’s been cleared medically, then you can look into exploring magical possibilities, but at this point, it is way too early to be focusing on that exclusively. So, please make her an appointment. Particularly if it is depression or another mental health issue, many of them are treatable. It’s just a matter of getting help – the sooner the better.

  65. Hello! This website has been quiet for a little while so I’m not sure if I’m expecting an answer, ahaha. If I don’t get one, oh well, nothing I can do.
    Anyways, I’m actually a Wiccan myself but I’ve never cast any sort of spell or circle until tomight. I was on this other website in search of a banishment spell (I did find it) but I couldn’t help but notice this one
    Do you believe something like that is even possible?

    • Sorry for the late reply, I’ve unfortunately had a lot going on the last couple months, so it’s been a bit hectic.

      The short answer is … no.

      The longer answer is that, traditionally speaking, shape-shifting is something that is done via trance or on the astral plane. There is no spell, potion or whatever that will physically transform anyone into some other animal or entity.

      If one were to use that particular “spell” along with trance work (within ritual or not), then sure, it might work in some fashion. Even using a piece of jewelry (or other item) as a “touchstone” of sorts, to facilitate future shifts (also via trance work), is a commonly used concept. It’s a matter of helping to put one in the right frame of mind for trance.

      But in any case, it is not a physical shifting into something else.

  66. hi.. it’s been a while since i’ve researched anything pagan now.. almost 10 years.. i was interested in becoming a wicca when i was 14, but because of very wierd and intense stuff happening all around me i let it be and havent really practiced any belief system since.. ever since ive been able to talk, when people asked me how i would describe myserlf in one word, i would always say a mirror, didnt know why.. while i got older i started meeting people from different religions from my family which is catholic, most of them considered pagan (wicca, santeria or cuban saints, etc) and they would all say the same thing even though theyve never met each other.. that i had a gift, the gift of reflection.. few people bothered to tell me what it was, most just said I’ll find out in my own time.. what i was told was that it was something that would grow with me, and as i got older, if i didnt practiced or stuff, it could get out of hand.. that it was kind of like an energy shield, that absorbed any harm going my way, neutrilizing it.. but as it grew with me it would bounce back to wherever it came from, at first like crazy with no real aim, but as a practiced, i would be able to aim it and even multiply its intensity by 3.. considering i wasnt thebest tempered teen i got quite shaken because i didnt want to hurt anyone.. wo i shut my self from even investigating the subject any further until now.. in a way it kinda makes sence looking back in the way my life has developed and really intense events that happened, but im still no able to fully believe it because i’ve been living the past 10 years as an science-loving atheist.. and yet i cant deny a very powerful atraction to magick wich i’ve been hidding for what feels like too long..

    • You can be a science loving atheist and still practice witchcraft! Witchcraft is not religious. From what I know, you don’t need to be Wiccan or pagan, or etc to practice that lovely gift you have!

  67. Two friend of mine and I where talking about Paganism, so I googled it. After reading all about it, we went outside. My Question . The Man walked outside and asked one of the lady’s not me ” Did you think my Answers where Scary ?? ” For one there wasn’t a question asked. Two Scary? IS There something scary in paganism??
    Thank You Sincerely, C.E.P.C.

    • Sounds like some crazy guy was just messing with you all.

      As to Paganism being scary – keep in mind that Paganism encompasses a huge variety of different religions and paths, some of which involve deities that many may not be comfortable working with (or who some may consider scary). Also, just interacting with deities can be an extremely intense experience, which if one isn’t prepared can be very scary.

      It can also involve practices that are different than what one might be used to and/or delve into aspects of oneself that we aren’t always comfortable acknowledging exists.

      So, while it’s not inherently dangerous or scary, there are parts of it that can be, especially depending on exactly which religion/path one is following.

  68. Hello I’m new to paganism but I’m a bit confused at to which pagan path to pick I am very interested and would really appreciate some help. How would I go about finding a pagan path right for me? Any help would be much appreciated. thank you

  69. Hello,

    I do hope you can answer my question – I really enjoy your blog so much!
    I am a solitary practitioner and I live with my partner in a very old, very paranormally active home. The former owners had a lot of bad luck, ghosts etc…which we only found out about after moving in – of course! We have the paranormal side pretty much under control, but we have been aware of a horses skull at the gate for a number of years. We both feel it’s time to move/dispose of this as it is not associated with us and possibly may be encouraging the dark energy that is still around this property. We know there were black arts practiced here, so we want to do this properly – do you have any advice/thoughts/warnings? Any info would be greatly appreciated – thank you so much. Blessings, Molly

    • I would suggest finding a good resting place for it and just burying it. If you want, you can make a ritual out of it – thank the horse for guarding the house, release it from it’s task, and wish it a peaceful rest.

      Back at the house, do a cleansing of the area – sprinkle some salted water for purification and/or use sage (or other herbs/oils that you feel called to use for cleansing). Visualize any negative energies surrounding the area moving on, being replaced with positive ones. I’m a big fan of actual sweeping (with a broom) in these instances – actual cleaning. So that is something to consider as well.

  70. A friend of mine claims to be descended from Abigail Williams. She told me something that I want to know if it is true. She said you can tell if someone was in your circle in your past life by sex or ritual. Can you? How would either be done? I’m pretty sure he’s from my past but I don’t know if we are elementally connected.

    • Ritually (or even without ritual) one can delve into past lives via hypnosis or trance. There are also methods which use dreaming, though I generally find those less reliable. It’s a nebulous area to begin with though, so there are really no fool-proof ways to get such information, in general.

      I would run the other way if someone tried to tell me we needed to have sex to find out if we were connected via a past life. I mean, sure you could possibly use the sexual energy to enter some sort of trace state and maybe get a reading or information in some way, but it reeks of a line someone would use to lure others to into bed. Given that there are non-sexual ways to get the information, I’d be wary of someone who says you have to have sex.

      My personal method of access past lives is via hypnosis. In most cases, especially if you’ve never done it before, I highly suggest having someone working with you as an anchor. Not that you will get lost, or that it’s inherently dangerous, but memories can seem real and it can be an emotional experience, so it’s good to have someone help ground you in the present if needed.

      I would suggest reading the following on information on how to use self-hypnosis and/or information about using hypnosis to access past lives. –

  71. A couple weeks ago I was at a Pagan festival here in Kansas. Before the ritual of lighting the fire, we were asked to take a token and then later ask our friends what it was. Well none of my friends knew what the symbol was. Do you have any idea what it means? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!


    • Honestly, no clue. It’s not something that I’ve seen before, and even in browsing around – there are things that look similar (like Thebian or even Bamoun, which isn’t actually Pagan), but nothing that I could find as an exact match. Could also be a sigil of some sort that was created out of different symbols (or even something unique).

      I would suggest contacting whoever organized the ritual (if possible) and asking them directly where they go it from.

  72. Hello! So I am beginning to delve into this wonderful world of magic and paganism and Wicca and everything. I’m very interested in paganism and solitary eclectic witchcraft. I read your article in that but still have a few questions, I can’t find any good information on the components I know I want to practice, aka herbal healing, following the moon, a bit of green witchcraft, basic spells and rituals. I just want information that can help me learn more about this wonderful world before I mess with things unbeknownst to me

  73. Hello. I recently started dating a wonderful guy and he is wiccan. I am trying to learn more about what he believes and have come across some interesting things which has left me with a few questions. One being is there a holiday or something like an event coming up in July that I can help celebrate with him to show him I am curious about his beliefs and supportive of them as well? And two. For my own curiosity. This July 31st is a blue moon. Is this particular blue moon have special meaning to wiccans, considering the date? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Not in July, but June 21st is the Summer Solstice (Mid-Summer), which is typically celebrated. The next Sabbat would be Lughnasad (or Lammas), which (astronomically falls on August 7th), but for those that don’t celebrate them on the actual cross-quarters, is generally held around August 1st.

      You can get more info on the Sabbats here…

      Sabbats – general information
      Astronomical Dates

      Given that it falls just before the generally celebrated cross-quarter date, some may find it of special significance, but that may be something that is up to individual covens, or individuals (if one’s practice is more of NeoPagan variety).

  74. I don’t consider myself a follower of any specific religion. I have studied and researched many and have not found validity in any one belief. But my boyfriend is wiccan and I would like to show my support in his beliefs. Is there anything coming up that I can show that support with by doing something without being disrespectful to him or the wiccan community?

    • I want to add to this that I’m not saying I believe any to be wrong or incorrect just that I have not found any religion to be right one or only one out there to offer direct attention to. I have been apart of a number of rituals and ceremonies of multiple beliefs and found many have their connections to things greater than ourselves.

    • Honestly, the best thing to do is talk to him directly about it. Ask him about what he celebrates and when and if/how you can participate, as you’d like to learn more and be supportive.

      There are many different Pagan paths, and even within traditional Wicca, there are differences between how things may be celebrated, and that doesn’t even include the vast differences in NeoPagan practices (that are based on some parts of Wiccan practice). Without knowing more about his specific path, making any sort of suggestions would not make a lot of sense, as they may or may not fit with his personal practices.

      Keep in mind too that if he’s an initiate, there are some things that are oath-bound and closed to anyone who is not also an initiate. In those cases, he cannot share them with anyone without breaking that oath.

  75. Hello!
    I’ve been practicing basic Wicca for a while and i recently underwent visualization to meet my patron deity. It all went very well, but i’m having a little trouble identifying him/her. I was hoping you could help. I remember everything came in three, i could hear crows and found some sort of bone waiting for me. As for the deity, all i was able to see was a figure of a wolf in the distance. As i am not that certain in my practice yet i decided not to push it and closed down slowly. I cannot seem to identify a deity from those signs(which appear quite distinctive) and was hoping you could help. I would be very greatful for i wish to connect with my patron deity further.

    Blessed be!

    • There are probably hundreds of deities that are associated with wolves, crows and bones, across the various pantheons. To speculate without more information would not be very helpful to you. Not only that, but learning exactly who it is, may be a part of your journey to being in that particular deity’s service.

      The best thing to do, is continue your meditations on a regular basis or just spend some time communicating in general. Introduce yourself, and let them know that you are interested in knowing more fully who they are. Ask them to reveal themselves to you, or other “get to know you” type questions, so that you can better understand who they are.

      It’s worth noting that not everyone has a “patron” deity. So the other reason why your visualization was so vague could be that there is one hovering around, but they have not yet fully decided to put out the call to you.

      Also – from a traditional standpoint, Wicca is the priesthood of two specific deities. A God and Goddess whose names are only known to initiates, so the only way to know would be to seek initiation via a properly lineaged coven. If you are a non-initiate (or an initiate for that matter) that isn’t to say you couldn’t have a different patron deity, but that honoring them would be something separate from the practice of Wicca.

      • Thank you very much, I am a solitary practitioner so that does change things a bit, but your advice really helped. All of this left me feeling sort of uneasy and this makes it much clearer. I’ll just continue with meditations and let it run its course. Once again, thank you.

  76. Well I was wondering if it is okay to change one item from an ingredients list of a spell. For example I was wondering if it’s alright if in a spell the ingredient calls for parchment paper but could I just use regular paper instead?

    • Generally, you can substitute anything – the key is to make sure that you use like items, or items that have similar properties/correspondences. Though, in some cases it may be ok to use wildly different items, as long as you feel that it’s the right thing to use (or feel called to use it).

      Spell work is mostly about making it your own and customizing it to fit your needs anyways. So in the end, if you feel that “B” thing will work just as well as “A” thing, then there it not really any reason why you can’t substitute B for A.

      Also, if getting other items is difficult, write your own spell that uses items you have on-hand.

  77. Ok so here goes nothing,
    I am a mostly logical person and scientific person, which means for me to believe something, there must be solid evidence in its existence. That is why for the longest time I have been a solid atheist.

    Something happened to me this weekend. I was up at my grandmothers house with my cousin, to be there for grandma for the 3rd year anniversary of my grandfather’s death (who I have always been the closest with).

    My grandmother has recently renovated the house and now there is a bathing room in the basement as well as my grandfathers tool room that he spent hours at.
    Even with my stanch atheism I have sensed my grandfathers presence in that tool room. So sometimes I go speak with him.

    This weekend was different. This weekend as I got out of the shower in the evening, I heard my grandfather speaking to me in my head. I could recognize his voice telling me to get out quickly.

    A sudden dread washed over me and I left the basement which was empty. I told my cousin about this who is wiccan and is a purifier (not sure what that means) but we’re in the kitchen when we both hear this sloshing noise and then heavy and fast paced footsteps up from the basement. My cousin grabs me and pulls me into our bedroom. She says later that it was an angry man who charged us and that in the morning he was gone.

    Now this experience has shaken me. And I was hoping that someone could explain what exactly happened? I am willing to believe anything atm because there is something going on at my grandmothers house and its possible science cannot explain it. Is my grandma in danger? Should I be worried or should I be seeking professional help?

    • I have had an experience with a good and bad ghost once before. I can’t see them but I can feel them. I would recommend calling a medium to the house. Explain to the medium what happened. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a protection spell or charm, have your cousin do it. Blessed be.

  78. Hello!

    My fiance’s birthday is coming up soon and I am trying to plan a ritual to do with him. He is a crystal healer and we are both Ecclectic Pagans. We live in the Inland NW and I thought since we have had so many fires lately it might be a good idea to do either a lay line healing/cleansing or try to heal the nature around our city.

    I was wondering if you had any references I could look into to plan said ritual or if you had any helpful tidbits for doing it. I haven’t tried to before, and I want to be able to incorporate his abilities as a healer and crystal witch. We are very practiced, he has been a practioner for 15 years and I have for 5. Please let me know what you think would be some good references and/or suggestions. Blessed be!

    • My sincerest apologies for the late reply, particularly on such a time sensitive question. Honestly, I don’t know much about lay lines or even where to direct you, in terms of resources on them.

      In terms of ritual planning – there’s a planning worksheet here that is extremely detailed, which you may find helpful.

      In terms of crystals and their uses, I’ve always been really fond of Melody’s Love is in the Earth. Which contains extensive details on various minerals and crystals, along with their properties and uses.

      Other than that, in cases like this – intention counts for a lot. I would suggest planning something simple, and concentrate all energies on healing the area rather than trying to do something overly elaborate. When there are too many details to keep track of it can sometimes scatter one’s focus making the ritual less effective. If you work with elementals or land wights, possibly look to offerings that you can give or ways that you might enlist their aid.

      Hope your fiance has a wonderful birthday!! 🙂

  79. Okay so my question is since one of the most basic Wiccan morals/ beliefs is the “harm none” concept I was curious about two different things. 1. What should you do other than accept the consequences when harm has been done through one of your actions? 2. What is to be done when another inflicts harm on you? Nothing? Just curious because I haven’t see this clearly stated anywhere.

    • That has to do with the Wiccan rede (I might have spelt that wrong). Just search around for the truth about the rede, I only know that basics.

  80. Hi! I’m Daniella and I’m 14 years old.

    I’ve been raised as a Christian my whole life. But about 2 years ago, I realised that it wasn’t my true calling or a place where I felt at home at all.
    But about a year ago, I fell upon Wicca. To me, it feels true and right and I feel so at home within it, so I just decided to call myself Wiccan. More recently, I realised that that wasn’t any way to follow Wicca and that I’d gone about it in a way that wouldn’t truly benefit me. So now I’m taking the time to learn more about both Christianity and Wicca and I’m so excited to finally choose and follow Wicca as I should’ve done in the first place.
    However, going to church every Sunday has made it increasing difficult to commit myself to Wicca so I’m left feeling unsure whether I was too quick but in Christianity I feel uncomfortable and unsafe and judged so I know it’s not what is right for me.
    I guess I’m just looking for advice and how to release all this doubt and fear.
    I truly want to dedicate myself to the God and Goddess but I’m just doubting whether I’m ready or not. At my age and in my ‘situation’ it’s hard to find other Wiccans who I can speak to and learn from and be guided by.
    Thank you!

  81. I recently found a black cat outside my house and I had this unstoppable urge to bring him inside and now I feel a strong connection to him and he refuses to leave my side. What could this mean?

    • Tis the nature of cats to sucker us in like that, particularly if we are already predisposed to liking them. If he’d been homeless for a while and/or going without regular meals, the fact that he’s sticking to you like glue at this point isn’t surprising either if you are feeding him and giving him lots of snuggles.

      So, unless you asked for a sign and the cat suddenly appeared, or there are other odd events that have been occurring, I wouldn’t necessarily take it to mean anything other than – you found a loving cat that needed a good home.

  82. Hello. I have a technical question regarding altars. I am very very confused after searching everywhere and not finding a thorough answer…
    I understand that you have your basic alter layout which holds things such as your god and goddess statues and representations of the elements etc, but I was wondering what this basic setup is used for exactly? I ask because when I’ve read various spells I’m guessing you conduct these on the same alter but without all the other tools that you would find in a basic set up because they would interfere with the tools that you’re using specifically for your spell, so in that case if you’re not using the basic set up for spell work or ritual work what is it used for exactly?
    I hope you can help, thank you in advance. Aer

  83. Hey could you please tell me the origin or more about this old family spell? My grandmother used to say her mother (as her own mother had before) would instruct them, if they had warts or pimples, to put as many rocks as they had warts/pimples in a bag and then trick an enemy into picking it up to transfer them to the enemy! I’m wondering if you or anyone else has heard of this or knows anything about where this curse comes from as I am kind of curious. Thank you so much!

    • Sounds more like a old folk remedy type thing, rather than an actual spell, and in looking around – there is a mention here of something similar which supports that. In their research on the subject, it would seem to have origins in Appalachian Folklore, but as they also mention there seems to be a variety of similar cures in a number of different cultures as well.

      Interesting question. 🙂

  84. Hello, I tried looking it up but it kept coming up as a symptom I never had before so it couldn’t be it.
    Last night I kept getting this tingly sensation in my body, well my right side. I thought it was just plain numbness but the weird thing is that I wasn’t sleeping on it. What makes it more odd is that I could still feel my arms and fingers and legs. So it wasn’t numbness, more like a tingly feeling and it wasn’t uncomfortable it was just weird like gentle weird. It happened twice.
    I searched everywhere for answers then I came across this website.

    This all happened after sending a strong message to the Universe. ♥

    Please help me understand. Is it normal or just a symptom I need to be concerned about.

  85. I am Pagan, and it infuses my whole life. It is integral to who I am, and I love being able to share it with people close to me. But I always find myself drawn to guys who don’t share my beliefs and are more “straight-edge” than I am. It’s very much a Dharma-and-Greg thing. The attraction is very much there, but I always end up dissatisfied and feeling disconnected because I can’t share the deepest part of me with my partner.
    Is there a way to have a happy, healthy, holistically satisfying relationship with someone who doesn’t share your spiritual beliefs? Thanks in advance. 😊

  86. I am still very new to the pegan faith I have done research and I whole heartedly believe that this is the faith for me but I’m struggling to answer a lot of the questions that I have that I can’t find in books is there a good place to connect with other pegans and ask many questions on a continuous basis

    • You are more than welcome to ask here or through our Tumblr, Twitter or FB pages. In terms of forums or other Q&A type places, a lot will depend on which particular Pagan religion you are interested in. Some sources are better than others, for individual paths. So if there is something specific you are focusing on, let us know and we can try to direct you to a good source.

  87. Hello…I’m really sorry, I feel entirely sill asking this, and I’m not sure it’s the right place at all. I always follow my intuition, always, but there arent many chances to do so. My grandmother has been very ill all of my life, I’m sixteen years old. She has COPD and a bunch of other things wrong with her chest. She has been in and our of hospital many times and had many near death experiences due to this. Basically. She was in hospital last week, and she was getting better! I didn’t think anything of it. I talked to my grandad (her husband) about the house they moved out of that we all used to live in, and he told me that when she does eventually die I will I will inherate that house. Of course I don’t care about these things. I love my gran. Just after we had that conversation, it made me feel uneasy, and then we got a call and she suddenly caught and infection and got really bad again. I felt partly guilty. Then later in in the week he gave me a key for that house, so I can have a look around.

    I went there, and stayed for a couple of hours
    I just felt so uneasy being there, and kept thinking of my gran (who was at this stage getting better) a few hours later I got a phone call saying to get to the hospital as soon as I can because my gran was likely going to die. I felt like I should have seen it and that it was my fault.

    Tonight I was supposed to go back but when I got nearer I just felt really sick and nervous and like I couldn’t go in the gate because my gran was going to deteriorate again or something…

    Is there anyway that the house could be cursed since it used to be her house?? I’m so sorry if this is somehow offensive or irrelevant or stulip or something I really do apologise, I just can’t understand it and I need to go to the house at some point but I could never live with the guilt if anything happened. Im so interested in paganism and wicca and I hope to really embrace everything about the religion one day, but I have no idea how:P but yeah sorry again and thank you in advance!

  88. I’m curious about how I can possibly “join” or become more involved in paganism. I currently call myself an agnostic. I meditate (fairly) regularly, and pray to a variety of goddesses and gods. I also use oracle cards with very satisfying and, I feel, accurate results. As I grow into an adult (I’m 16), I want to increase my spiritual practice. I’ve done some research into paganism, and I strongly believe that my beliefs and values align with its tenets. However, I’m not quite sure where to begin in terms of becoming more informed and involved with paganism and the pagan community. Any and all advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

  89. I have been interested in Wicca and witch craft for as long as I can remember. You can thank Angela Lansbury for the initial interest, Bedknobs and Broomsticks is one of my favorite movies, but my interest has remained even though I know Wicca does not grant you the ability to turn someone into a rabbit.

    I’m not sure why I haven’t studied in earnest. I’m 37, I’ve known about Wicca (as opposed to Hollywood witches like The Sanders Sisters) for two decades.

    The reason for not starting sooner is not important though. The reason I’m reaching out to you is. Today I was deeply saddened when I learned that lives of 50 people were snuffed out by one man in one night. My first reaction was how could another mass shooting happen? Why is no one doing anything to prevent this? I argued with a couple of people on Twitter and then I saw other people saying “we should all coe together for the victims.” At first I scoffed thinking, “OK right winger let’s not address the problem let’s just send our thoughts and prayers.” and I replied, “I don’t mean to sound ignorant, I honestly want to know, how do we come together for the victims?” And I thought and thought and realized that the problems with our country and the world are partisan based and it isn’t just the politicians, we the people are partisan politics incarnate. I thought hard about this and decided a softer approach was necessary. I discussed it with a likeminded friend who said something that sent me on this path, “At the core of all of this is in my opinion is the denial of love to others and ourselves.”

    That made me realize that my request for self love isn’t only for myself. It’s for everyone. I believe that something happening across the world can impact me even if I don’t know about it so inversely I believe that me truly loving myself may spread self-love to others.

    While I was thinking and typing I thought of Wicca because it was a wise witch who first really explained the “we are all one” idea to me and I thought, if I were a Wiccan would I be able to send healing to others? Would I be able to share tolerance with others? Could Wiccans heal our country? If so, let’s get together, I’ll buy a plane ticket. If not I will still begin my study of Wicca and learn to heal and love myself and wish for a better world.

    Thank you so much for providing this service and for reading this novel.

  90. So…I’ve recently read several articles on eclectic beliefs, this page was one of them, and the other I think was a referred article…however, both have been very disheartening to this seeker.

    If we must be careful of apropriating, and other such ethics, and that “what calls to us” may not be for us, then how do we know as seekers when we’ve found something that doesn’t violate or offend the home beliefs we’ve borrowed from? I myself have felt drawn to a bit of Celticism and a bit of Buddhism…but now I doubt these draws, and feel like I have to start all over again on my search.

    I’ve been wandering for almost 6 years, reading and studying: When do I know I can stop, since my intuition isn’t necessarily correct? I’m only more confused after reading these articles.

  91. Hello! I have a question about a pentagram that I’ve been researching for months. I feel like the more I read about it the less I know. I’m a baby Wiccan, I’ve been practicing for almost 4 years now. I really want to talk to a professional about this pentagram that I found.

  92. Ok so I’m sure you have gotton this question before. I am a teenaged Witch living in a small town with very Christian and Catholic parents and relatives as well as friends. Several times I attempted to breach the topic of my craft with them without revealing myself as a Witch and was told along the lines of, ” Wicca is just devil worshipping. They practice black magic. All Witches are sinners and will go to hell. It’s just fairytales it isn’t real.” What do I do? Wicca is the only religion I feel I really believe in. It changed my life and it’s a part of me.

  93. Hello, what are some informative books or websites I can read to become more “in touch” with paganism, herbs, stones, and simple protection spells?

    • I would suggest looking at the resources listed in this post and this one (some of the suggestions overlap, but there are some differences as well).

      Is there a particular Pagan religion that interests you, or are you more leaning to general NeoPaganism? If there is something more specific you need (or the resources listed above aren’t enough), let me know. 🙂

    • I’m not an initiate, but my understanding of it is that since Wicca is an orthopraxic religion… exactly how one views the God and Goddess is mostly up to personal experience, as long as one follows the correct practices. So, if you ask 100 Wiccans how they know and experience deity, you may get 100 different answers – even if they are following the exact same ritual practices (as required by the tradition).

      However, having said that – it’s not a common way of viewing them. Wicca is about serving the Lord and Lady and if one sees them as just symbols/metaphors, I’m not entirely sure how that service would manifest. Seems like there would be other paths out there that would be a better fit.

      • Thank u for ur reply so fast. It’s is love engagement spell. 7 days of incense burning candles over a personal belonging from each of us . Then to bury in front of rose bush on 7 th day which is a full moon. This Friday. No rose bushes around

      • Probably any plant/tree/bush that you have available and that you feel symbolizes love and/or lasting relationships would be fine. Sometimes, you just have to work with whatever you have access to. Especially when the weather or seasons are working against you.

      • Thank you. This has been a 7 year relationship n his fear need to stop … I need the next step n if u can provide me any help…. have a wonderful day

      • My only suggestion really, is be very careful how you word it. I’m not a big fan of pushing people to do things that they don’t want to do, particularly when it comes to love/relationships. I would look towards something that encourages opening channels of communication that will help move the relationship forward, rather than any sort of actual “love” spell. Talking about why they fear marriage is a good place to start, and if there are actual things that they fear – then a spell to overcome those fears (in a positive way) would be be the the next step to moving the relationship forward.

        While I know that for some, getting married is important, the other thing I would mention is that, if your relationship is fine otherwise, you may want to consider carefully before changing that. That next step that you need may not be what your partner needs and pushing them to that may cause things to go in a direction that you weren’t expecting. So just keep that in mind.

      • Thank u very much. I will type here the word n I will take ur advice. If I should not continue then can u advise me on what to do with our articles that I started with. I only wish for good things n if this is not then I will not. With the love in my heart with the love that is ours I call upon the power of the earth n stars engagement I seek proposal u will offer me down the marriage aisle is where we b. By the power of 3 times 3 as I will it so more it b…. thank u !!!

      • If you already started the spell, I would suggest redirecting the energy into simply having a healthy relationship and at the end of the 7 days return the charged items to you and your partner to keep.

  94. Last night, when I was sleeping who or what draws wicca pentagram on the palm of my hand?
    Only I was alone at home all night long and no one has the key of my house and no one knows I’m a wiccan.
    It was drawn with blue pen.
    I am right handed and I’ve never been able to draw anything with my left hand so I don’t draw it on my hand.
    You think it’s what or who?
    Please answer to this question privately

    • If you were alone and no one else has the key to your house, you are really the only one who could have done it. Sometimes we do strange things in our sleep without realizing it. When I was younger, I woke my mom up in the middle of the night and told her I was late for school, got dressed and everything, and then laid back down in bed. Woke up in the morning and didn’t remember any of it. It’s weird, but it happens.

      If you are concerned though, you could always get a wireless camera to record while you are sleeping. At least give you some peace of mind that you aren’t being bothered when you are sleeping.

  95. I am so confused about why you have to pick a God and Goddess and can not praise to them in general? There seems to be so many strong opinions the new people like me that feel this is where I should have been my entire life have no idea what is the right or wrong way to practice or honor the craft. Any advise is greatly appreciated. BB

    • If you aren’t called to any particular deity, don’t feel like you have to pick one. Generally, unless you are a member of a tradition that honors a specific god or goddess (or pantheon), you aren’t required to have one. A lot of people may talk about, but it’s not the only way things are done, and there are even paths that don’t even involve the gods at all (or at the very least, put less focus on them).

  96. I can’t believe I never thought of this before.
    So if Sabbats like Samhain for example are celebrated on inverted ends of the year in the Southern Hemisphere for obvious reasons, (October 31st here, May 1st in someplace like Australia or Chile) what about pagans who live right smack on the equator? For that matter, diosil and widdershins are clockwise and counter clockwise, respectively, here in the Northern Hemisphere, and opposite in the Southern. The same goes for what direction certain elements correspond to. In the Northern Hemisphere, North is Earth and South is Fire, but it’s the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. (East/Air and West/Water, obviously doesn’t change.)
    Sabbats and certain rituals must be confusing for Brazilian Wiccans….

  97. I’m just starting and have a issues with my love life can I do a easy spell without any idea or experience to help stop us from aruging so much over stupid things or how can I get help.

  98. Hello,
    I have seen someone with an inverted triple goddess tattoo around my school. Does this have any meaning? The maiden and crone have switched places. Mother remains in the middle.
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • Your best bet is to ask them specifically what it means to them. Tattoos are usually very personal and even if we speculated here on possible meanings, it would be just that – speculation (and really, it could be anything). The only way to know what it actually means is to go directly to the source.

  99. Hello I have a question. I am planning a recital, and want to theme it “In Reverence to the Divine Mother”. I am including some Gregorian and Sanskrit chants, which I am familiar with. I was searching for more chants or songs from other traditions to broaden the program, and came across “Isis Astarte Diana Hekate Demeter Kali Inanna”

    I like it a lot, but want to be respectful and also don’t want to stir up/provoke energies or spirits.

    I am wondering if you have experience with this chant, and could tell me or direct me to some reading on how it is used and what the impact is. I’m in the San Francisco CA area if it is better to refer me to a teacher.

    Thanks for any help you can offer


    • I think as long as you frame the event as offering chants/songs from a variety of religions and do so with respect to those religions, it would probably be fine. But I would also suggest contacting Reclaiming, which is a group based out of the Bay Area. They have a lot of experience with public rituals (which I know yours isn’t a ritual, but still will have similar elements) and performing chants in public, and should be able to give you some advice on that chant specifically.

  100. Hi.Can spells still work for me even though I was born unlucky and have bad luck or will it get in my way?Is white magic more powerful than bad luck?What if I have a doubt about a spell but then start believing in it will it work even though at first I doubted it?And How do I say a belief in my mind about the spell working to refer to the spell?Do I say ‘This spell will work’ or ‘The spell will work’ or what right before casting it?Thanks!

    • You make your own luck, and your actions now have more bearing on how things turn out than any “bad luck” you were supposedly born with. Don’t doubt yourself. Our doubts and lack of focus are what contribute to spells not working, so don’t doubt yourself. When casting, keep your goals and intentions firmly set in your mind – if you need to state the goal out loud (or silently to yourself, if you are in a situation where you need to be quiet) over and over to reaffirm it. If saying “this spell will work” helps, then say it. I know that there are many Witches who say similar phrases when ending their spellwork.

  101. I am new to wicca. After my friend and I made our wands, we preformed a simple protection ward around my house. Its consisted of using each of the elements and chanting while walking. Is this spell okay for a beginning spell? Thanks for any feedback!

  102. Hello, I wish to be a solitary witch, my interests being in the moon and herbal remedies, but I don’t know where to start learning. I don’t know where to start with deities, for I believe in worshiping the moon, I am having difficulty learning about herbs, I’ve been trying to focus on tea, and there’s so much about wicca, witchcraft, and worshiping that I don’t know. I don’t know who to follow, what books to read, if I should have a specific routine, I would appreciate it greatly if you could help me.

    • Best thing to do at this point is read as much as you can and try to figure out what works for you. If you don’t feel pulled towards any particular deities, that’s perfectly ok. Despite it seeming like everyone has their own Gods and Goddesses, not everyone is called in that direction, and simply honoring the cycles of the moon as it journeys through the seasons is fine. Keep in mind though, that Wicca in particular is deity-centered, but there are plenty of eclectic paths that are not, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      A few of our previous posts that have some good book recommendations include:

      I’m New to Paganism…
      Solitary Witch – Where Do I Start?
      Atheistic Witchcraft
      Taking the Next Step…

  103. Hello! So I would really like to participate in Magic(cast spells, send energy, do ritual, ect) however I haven’t decided on a specific path for myself, am i still allowed to do these things? Or do I have to wait until I pick my path and such? Will my spells/everything still work and be successful? Thank you!

  104. Hello, I have a question about something that has recently happened to me?
    It has happened in multiple areas that I will be sitting in my car and a little blue bird will land on my passenger side window and just sit and look through the window and staire at me but it’s always the same kind of bird.

    Recently I was sitting in my car and and the passenger window was open. All of a sudden a giant (I mean giant, never seen such a big crow) crow flys and lands right on the mirror and turns its whole neck and sticks its head into the window and staired at me for the longest time. I tried not to freak out because I didn’t want it to do anything crazy but I swear to you this look gave me the most uncomfortable evil feeling throughout my whole body. It’s like it was stairing into me stairing deep into my soul or something. I’ve never felt something so evil before and it looked away and poked his head back in and continued to staire.
    This lasted about 30 seconds but as u can think it felt like forever when feeling uncomfortable. And then it took off but I felt like it was just watching me curious of what I was doing.

    Why is it that a little blue bird kept landing stairing at me and now this big crow did the exact same.

    Some say the crow is a sign of witches because they put themselves into the bird to watch something.

    Curious on your thoughts.

    • We get tons of birds in our yard, since hubby feeds them constantly, and what I can tell you about their behavior is that birds are weird. Flighty, obviously, but also curious in many cases and they will totally sit and stare at people, particularly if they think they might be able to get a meal out of it. Depending on where you live, and especially if it’s in the city or near a park, the birds you’ve encountered my be used to having other humans throw food scraps to them and were simply dropped by hoping you’d do the same.

      I’ve also noticed that they like shiny car parts, or not so much “like” but they catch their attention. It’s reflective enough they sometimes think that their reflection is another bird and will peck at it or act somewhat aggressive towards the reflection, in a “defending my territory” sort of a way. Which can lead to some scary moments for those watching.

      As to seeing similar looking birds, it could just be that those birds are common in your area. We see a lot of cardinals and starlings in our yard, along with blue jays and woodpeckers. If I started thinking it was a sign every time I saw one of those types of birds, I’d never leave my house, but honestly, it’s just because they are native to the area and our yard is an open buffet for them.

      I would worry too much about the birds, they are just being their weird, wacky selves.

  105. I recently did a sever the bond ceremony to sever the bond between my ex husband and my self. With pure heart to release the hold that he has over me emotionally and the candle that represented myself burned down and out way before his the candles were the same type and bought at the same time they sat next to each other and were lit with in min of each other with the exception of mine was lit last. Is this something i should worry about? What could that mean?

    • Candle quality and burn time can vary, even between candles from the same brand that appear exactly the same. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Your doubts would be more likely to affect the spell than how the candles burned. So stay positive and focused on the ultimate goals of the ritual, as that is what is most important.

  106. I felt lead by life circumstances to explore magick and test my talents. I found a dead crow in my yard today after doing a simple candle love spell last night. This was my first spell ever. I also did this spell during a thunderstorm. It is a good sign or bad sign finding this dead crow?

    Some back ground: I am a scorpio and have always been very intuitive, when I dream it means something and I have predicted simple things as a child. For instance, when walking on the railroad tracks I felt that I should climb up the hill in case a train came. Not even five minutes later I hear the train. My dreams give me insight and I never remember a dream unless it is symbolic to my life. My great-grandfather could “pray the fire” out of people. As in, if they had a burn she could heal it. She was also a very intuitive woman. This lead me to consider magick.

    Now I’m wondering if this crow is a sign of good fortune or if I shouldn’t dabble in magick anymore?

    • Finding a dead bird after a storm isn’t necessarily a sign of anything other than the bird was unlucky to be stuck out in the storm. In terms of interpreting signs and symbols – these are things that are deeply personal and whether something is good or bad, depends entirely on the individual. My initial thoughts are that I don’t think finding the crow has anything to do with your spellwork, but if you feel that it does mean something, it’s up to you to examine what your intuition is telling you and figure out how that impacts you going forward.

      Having said that, without knowing exactly what sort of “love” spell you did (simple or otherwise), it’s sort of hard to say one way or the other if the crow is relevant. Even assuming for the moment that it is relevant to the spell, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should’t pursue magic, could just mean that particular spell was not a good choice.

      But generally, one thing happening randomly I wouldn’t worry too much about. If you start noticing it happening repeatedly, then it’s much more likely that it’s an actual sign.

  107. Hello I’ve been a witch for 7 years and just a couple of day ago my eyes started to tingle every time I see this small black mist thing with black bone like legs. Have I attracted something negative because of my stress?

    • The first thing to do if you are having issues with your vision is to see an opthamologist to rule out any possible medical issues that could be affecting your eyes. It is always a good idea to rule out mundane causes before looking to the magical/supernatural for answers.

  108. i’m not familiar with exactly what pagans cam accomplish but i must ask, are there any rituals or spells or anything that pagans can perform that would turn someone into a werewolf or lycanthrope? it may sound silly but i feel i have to ask this for personal reasons

    • No – magic cannot defy the laws of nature/physics. Shapeshifting is generally something that relates to trance-work, rather than anyone physically changing shape.

      • i see, thank you for that information, it seems i will have to find some other way of making it happen if it is even possible. the reason i asked was because one of the earliest stories about werewolves involved the person being cursed by what i am unsure so thats why i thought a pagan could help, thanks for your time.

  109. I just finished a candle spell and my candles burnt out at different times. Do I continue doing the ritual with whichever are left or am I supposed to just be done now? I’ve never done a candle spell before so I’m worried.

    • What did the spell say to do? Every spell is different, so it depends on how the spell was designed. Worth noting though, that it’s pretty normal for candles to burn at different rates (even those that appear to be the same size/shape), so there’s not really anything weird about that in and of itself. If there are additional steps that you are supposed to be using the candle for, use whatever parts you have leftover, even if they are different sizes. It should be fine.

  110. Hi my name is Robin my fiancé is of pagan faith the other night he gave me a necklace with a vial on it that had his semen in it can someone please tell me the meaning of this please…. And why did he have to do it during a full moon?

    • If you want to know what it means, honestly, you’ll have to ask him. Other than sexual or fertility type purposes, it could be used for any number of different things, that to even try making a guess wouldn’t be helpful to you in any way. As to doing such things on a full moon, it’s generally a time that enhances the power of things – whether charging, rituals or spellwork. But it could also be that some other property of a full moon was necessary as well, however, without knowing the purpose, it’s hard to speculate.

      Personally, I would just as him to explain the meaning of the gift. Particularly if he expects you to wear it, he should have no problem telling you what the purpose of it is.

  111. I am thinking maybe Wicca can answer a couple questions I have ifeel that it has some significance of some sort wheather it b medicine greater good or a coincidence and if u can’t answer mayb u can direct me in rite path we are native American and have strong medicine our bear dancers are our healers and can only come out every 7 yes and can only dance at dusk they are very spiritual and shaminatic but before the enter the sacreat dance ground they have to give thanks to the 4. Winds and directions mind u I’ve never seen them till after my last child was born here is the first question I have 3 girls only the oldest is born an aries the 1sign in zodiac the second is a tuarus the 2 sign in the zodiac and last my baby is born in gemini the 3 sign in zodiac 2 question BK to the bear dancers my 2 child’s middle name is kodinna which means give thanks my baby s name is shoya na’me and it means East wind forever which together means give thanks to the East wind which on the medicine wheel is the golden door enterance to illumination spirit world ect can someone tell me do these signs mean something

    • Wicca and Native American traditions have nothing to do with each other. Additionally, other than the fact that some Wiccans use astrology in their witchcraft practices, astrology has nothing to do either as well. Attempting to combine all three, in order to interpret some sort of “sign” is really stretching it, and I think you are reading too much into these things.

      If you are a member of a particular tribal tradition, then the best place to get the answers you seek is by talking to your Elders. Many Native traditions are – if not oathbound, then, at the very least, not shared with outsiders, so the odds of anyone else having the information you are looking for (as relates to your tribal practices) is pretty slim.

      Other than that, you named your children, so if their names mean something – you are the one that chose them, so I’m not sure why it would be a sign of something at this point.

  112. Also I have had a reaccuring dream of a long white cooridior I’m running threw and behind me is sand falling in catching up w me and before it catches me I wake up I’ve had this dream over and over again all. My life does it mean anything

    • When it comes to dream interpretation, one thing to keep in mind when, is that no matter what the dream dictionaries or symbolism books say (or what any other person thinks about it), at the very heart of it all is… what do those specific things mean to you?

      While there may be many generally accepted meanings to certain things, we have to remember that context and our own personal experiences, are key to understanding them. So while one person may dream of being at the beach, and think it is the most beautiful dream in the world – to someone who has an absolute fear of drowning, dreaming of being at the beach might very well be a nightmare to them.

      Some starting points (again remembering that any actual meaning is more based on your associations than anything else)…

      White – “Purity, a washout, a clean slate, or a blank feeling.”

      Corridor – “A passage from one phase to another in your life A new beginning A passageway or hall can also exist to show a connection from one dream area—or one point in time— to the next, or it can represent a part of your life that is in between other major parts of your life.”

      Sand – “Tiny grains of sand could represent the small things in life, or if they’re flowing through an hourglass they could represent the passage of time.”

      The following site is good for looking up basic symbolism.

    • If you are making your own magical tools, for the most part, you can use whatever you want to. Especially, if you don’t have a lot of other stuff or a lot of money to buy something, using what you have available is fine. If you want to make one out of pvc, then go for it. 🙂

  113. Hello, I’ve been exploring the many paths of wicca through the internet and any other sources I’ve been able to get my hands on for almost a year now. I’ve felt a strong calling to use my abilities as an artist within my practice and to be able to share the all of the tools and magical jewelry I create with others. Is this an established branch of wicca or would I simply be a form of eclectic witch?

    • Traditionally, Wicca is coven-based and is dedicated to the service of the Lord and Lady. The “hows” of Trad Wiccan practice are typically oath-bound though and can’t be shared with those who are not initiated. What you do outside of coven, as long as it doesn’t break any of those oaths is up to you.

      If you want to follow a Wicca inspired path or an eclectic witchcraft path that is fine too, and you can use your artistry however you feel called. Many people use art within their witchcraft practices, or use witchcraft to infuse their art to the benefit of others. It’s not really an “established form” – as in, there is not really any particular path or branch dedicated to it. It’s just something people do, in addition to their regular practices.

  114. Hello , I have a question regarding how to cast a spell to get rid of a negative person in my bestfriend’s life. I’m going to tell a small portion of the whole situation. My bestfriend was raped by someone that was in the household at the time. Her mother ended up finding out about what happened, but she ran away with the man that raped her daughter. Now he won’t let her leave, she wants to leave because she realized the mistake she made because I helped her open her eyes. He controls her though and i want him out of her life so she can take care of her daughter. Please help me, if no one wants to help that is okay. I completely understand, i just want to help my bestfriend.

    • If this person raped a child and is now holding another person against her will, you need to call the police and/or child protective services so that they can investigate. Magic can be used to augment action, but in cases like this – where people are in actual immediate danger – you need to look to the mundane options that are available first. If mundane methods fail, then you can look to magical, or even if they work, you can use magic to help boost the mother and her daughter’s recovery from physical/mental trauma associated with the ordeal as well as help them to stay strong (and away from him) in the future.

  115. Hi, recently my mother purchased a book, its a brand new copy of “The Book of Law” (she isnt in support of the belief, just the opposite) anywho, I decided to read a few pages of the scripture, and cant shake this negative feeling just from holding the book, i know very little on the beliefs people who worship it have, and just decided to read it allowed. Any suggestions on what I can either do for myseld to get rid of this feeling, and anything i can do to the book to stop the energy? Atm i dont lile it being in the house because i honestly just want to read the whole thing, and im also a little scared of it… it doesn’t feel like i was reading just a regular book

    • If you don’t like the way the book feels (or makes you feel), don’t read it. If you don’t want it in the house, get rid of it – donate it to a library or throw it away, whatever works best for you. If you feel like there is residual negative energy, you can always do a cleansing (or more than one if you need to). But really, it’s just a book, there’s probably not any real need to be creeped out by it.

  116. Quick question, I know salt is often used to repel ghosts and spirits, I watch entirely too much supernatural. My question is does Epsom salt have the same power? I ask because I’m planing to make memorial pendants with cremated ashes and I need to use Epsom salt to soften the clay. I don’t want to risk banishing his spirit. Any thoughts are helpful

    • Epsom salt can be used as a substitute in some rituals, so yes it has similar magical properties as table salt or sea salt. However, I think a lot also depends on one’s intent when using it. If you are making a memorial pendant, make sure that as you are creating it, you have a clear focus on exactly what you want the pendent to symbolize and/or what its purpose is (chant it, if you need to, as you are adding the salts and shaping the clay). That way there is no ambiguity.

      The alternative would be to use something else, when possible, but that’s not always an option either. Not to mention, many things can be substituted for other things in spells and rituals, so while it makes sense to be aware of possibilities, as long as we are clear in our purpose when working our magic, then all should be well.

  117. I am a seventeen year old girl getting ready to graduate from high school, and I live in a very closed minded community. Wicca has always interested me, but when I tried speaking about my interest in it years ago, I received mostly negative responses due to most people in my community being Christians and not understanding it. I have no problem with any religion because I believe acceptance should reign above all else, and I am lucky enough to know that the only opinions that matter come from my close friends and family who support me no matter what. That being said, I would very much like to learn about Wicca and the different paths since I am older and getting ready to expand my world anyway, but I have no idea where to begin. From what I’ve read online, I’m really interested in Eclectic Wicca. Do you have any advice on what I should do in order to learn as much as I can? I’m really starting out without any experience here. Are there any books or maybe websites you’d recommend?

  118. Hi, for the purpose and intent of my question my name is unimportant, so we shall go with Syn , I have a question for those of you with a more in-depth knowledge than myself . So here’s the situation, I have many spirits following me for one reason or another, (but I don’t trust the internet for much else other than knowledgeable person to knowledgeable person interactions which lead me here. )
    So back to my story, when I was younger my teacher died and I jumped ahead to spirit contact without the appropriate dismissal knowledge, and summoned a spirit by the name of Vassago, it’s followed me for sometime and caused others to be uncomfortable around me in my younger age, being that this was more than 10 years ago, I have no inherent fear for my safety or otherwise, I’d just like the knowledge of the prince if that’s at all possible thanks

    • Unfortunately, that’s not something that we have any particular knowledge on either. I can suggest that you check the Wiki page on Vassago, which while not a perfect source, does have a list of references at the bottom which can be helpful in knowing where to start in finding additional information.

      Overall though, other than finding those who have worked personally with him and who would be willing to share their UPG, there doesn’t really seem to be a whole lot of concrete information about him. His name is mentioned in The Lesser Key of Solomon, the text of which can be found legally for free on the Sacred-Text website. However, even within the text itself, information is pretty scarce. There’s only his seal and this brief description.

  119. Hello, I am attempting to write my first book about a family of witches who are primarily healers and practice white magic. There will be two evil characters who affect the family and need to be stopped. Out of respect for pagans, wiccans, and the like, I want to ensure my means of stopping the evil characters do not offend anyone in these communities. I have been researching quite a bit though I feel I’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg. My question is, can the evil characters own dark energy be used to prevent them from doing harm, rather than using dark magic to call upon spirits? For instance, one character is a rapist, and I want him to develop a skin rash so severe his, um, organ is rendered useless. Couldn’t his own darkness be turned onto himself, with the assist of the witches and a potent potion, rather than calling on dark magic? My second evil character is cruel to animals, couldn’t the animal world be called upon to handle this character with a little push from the witches using a few strands of his hair ? My book is a work of fiction, but I still would like it to feel somewhat authentic. Thank you for your time and any feedback you may have.

  120. So, a while back my ritual knife (I call it that because I used it as a boline and as a athame) was stolen from me. I found this knife in my grandparents compost pile on the family farm several years ago, and they believed it to be something that the previous land owners had lost, meaning it was in the dirt for 30+ years. When I found it, I cleaned it up, replenished the wooden handle, and sharpened the blade until I could literally shave my arm hair with it. Between sitting in the earth for so long and me putting so much of my time into fixing it, it had a very rich energy about it. Mind you, it was just an old skinning knife. I used it all of my rituals, and it just made everything feel easy and right. Now that it’s gone, i can’t find a suitable replacement, and I haven’t held a ritual in months because of it. How do I go about finding a new knife that will fill that ones spot? I don’t want anything new, fancy, or decorative.

    • I would suggest making a new one, rather than trying to find a ready-made one that suits. In the short-term, maybe look for a plain (but serviceable) one that you can use, but then spend some time finding the right materials to make exactly what you want. That way the finished blade will again have your own energetic signature. While you probably won’t want to stash it in a compost pile for 30 years, you can still bury it for a time and then maybe construct a burial and subsequent unearthing ritual, in order to add those energies as well.

  121. Question: I’ve been a practicing Witch since I was 19 but I still consider myself fairly new to this. My patron God is Herne, whike my Goddess is Cerridwyn. My question is, as Herne is a sexual God, would it be okay to leave a pair of (clean) panties on my alter for him?

    • You are the best one to know your own Gods, and if you feel that a pair of clean panties is an appropriate offering, that’s between you and him. I think the thing to ask yourself (and this is true of choosing any item really) is – how does this represent the qualities I’m looking to honor or pay tribute to? Additionally, unless that is the only aspect you are looking to honor, choosing something that only focuses on one particular quality, might not be the best choice.

      You could also meditate, or in some other way try communicating with Herne, to see if that is something that would be pleasing to him. But again, a lot depends on what your practice focuses on and your personal relationship with the God in question. So if it works for you (and you aren’t receiving any negative feedback), then it might be fine.

    • While you can create the appearance of a circle in the physical world, your actual circle is an energetic thing and you can literally create one anywhere you want, whether you can see the circle on the physical plane or not. So if you need to move your circle, you simply go to the new location and cast your circle there. That’s really all there is to it.

      If you want to do something a little more splashy, you can do cleansing rituals at both sites (to formally close at the old and open at the new), but really, if you’ve been closing your circle properly each time you use it, there shouldn’t be much residual energy at the old site. Of course, it never hurts to cover all the bases just in case.

  122. Hello!

    I’ve been interested in paganism and witchcraft for several years now, reading a lot and practicing some small rituals and spells. It feels good to me, although I don’t feel comfortable sharing it with anyone in real life. (I feel connected to pantheism, herbal and kitchen witchcraft, solitary, non-religious.) One of the reasons I’ve been going slow is because I suffer from mental illness and I don’t always have the energy or mental focus to work on my magic.

    Recently I’ve come to the realisation that I still hold on to my old life, my old dreams for the future, the future that seemed to have a lot of academic and career potential – all the things I’ve wanted to do for many, many years and that were reasonably attainable.

    My mental illness and recently diagnosed developmental issues (ADHD, autism like problems, depressions, etc) have made many of those plans and dreams impossible.

    This is very hard for me to accept and I’ve been feeling ok at some points and in grieving at others. (I have professional help for this too.)

    What I would like to do to help me is some sort of mourning or letting go ritual.

    Do you have any tips, ideas or suggestions for such a ritual?
    Any herbs or stones that are used for grieving?
    (I live in a city, high rise apartment, so it’s not like I can build a bonfire at home… )

    Thank you very much for any input!


  123. Hello. I have absolutely no clue if I’ll get a reply but i feel I grunt need one. I’m 18 and have been Christian since I was born as my family is all Christian. My issue is, I don’t believe in God. Even if I had proof that he existed, I still wouldn’t follow him. I’ve slowly started to realize that I believe a lot of the things paganism does but… it would be amazing to get a like more help on WHAT paganism is all about. Thank you!

    • I would direct you to the following page, which answers some of the basic questions and gives links to some of our other relevant posts on the subject. If you have any other specific questions feel free to post them here and we’ll follow up.

      Paganism FAQ

    • Call the police so that she can press charges against him and file a restraining order. Especially if you think she is in any sort of immediate danger, the behavior needs to be reported so that they can take steps to head it off before it escalates further. In general, magic should never be used in place of taking the necessary mundane actions first.

      If you’ve gone the legal route and need to boost your efforts, you can look into protection spells/charms, spells that might work towards a peaceful resolution of the relationship, or ones that would simply encourage him to move on. In more extreme circumstances, you could also look into something that would bind him from doing any harm to her.

  124. I’m also a pagan. Yesterday I witnessed 5 sundogs at the same time. It gave me an absolute chill. Ive tried to find mention of such an occurance but have cone up empty. Not sure what the take away is from it. Is there any significance that you might know of?

    • Not really, I mean, it’s just one of those weird weather phenomenon that happen from time to time. Seeing that many at once is a lot rarer, but still probably not a sign of anything. Unless you were asking for a sign from a particular deity at the exact moment that they appeared, I wouldn’t read anything too much into, other than you saw something really cool.

  125. My 8-year-old is allergic to eggs, nuts, sesame, coconut, avocado and many fruits. Meanwhile, she hates all vegetables except for potatoes. Her diet consists mainly of carbs, dairy and a bit of protein. Before every meal, I force her to eat a small amount of vegetable before she’s allowed to eat anything else (usually tomatoes or green beans, because those are the only vegetables that are palatable for her – all others are deemed “disgusting”), but it’s always a battle. The rest of our family eats a lot of vegetables and variety, so she has a lot of exposure to a wide variety of healthy foods. I would love to go more paleo, but I believe she would starve to death if we tried it. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • I know you said to disregard, but my two cents for what it’s worth (I’ve studied a bit about nutrition over the last 20+ years, so while not certified in anything, I’m also not just randomly talking either).

      Even if they never eat their veggies, kids are not going to starve or be deficient. My youngest is an extremely picky eater and in almost 18 years has rarely touched a veggie, except when we’ve occasionally been able to sneak them in. What both his doctor and nutritionist told me – get a good vitamin (which with your daughter’s allergies may be somewhat more difficult to find, but there should be something and if you need to, call the company directly to ask about potential allergens). We’ve used SmartyPants gummies for several years and no complaints from the kiddo so far.

      There are also products, like Dr. Praeger’s Littles line that look sort of like fun shaped chicken nuggets, but are actually veggies. Add some dipping sauce and most of the time they never realize they are eating veggies. Another option would be to make her a daily protein shake and simply mix in the veggies. It looks and tastes like a milkshake, but it’s full of healthier goodness.

      On the whole though, if she doesn’t like veggies, I wouldn’t force her to eat them. My oldest rarely ate veggies as a child either, and now he’s mostly a vegetarian, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Everyone’s taste buds are different. I think too, you will get to an age where the more you fight her on it, the more she will push back simply because she doesn’t want to give in (because kids are like that some times). Just continue making healthy foods, in general – maybe look for creative ways to add veggies to other dishes so she won’t even notice them. I’m particularly fond of mashed cauliflower – which resembles mashed potatoes, but is just cauliflower. Takes a little experimentation to get it to the right consistency, but very yummy. Also it’s really easy to put extra veggies in spaghetti sauce, or if she eats anything that has ground beef in it, you can always cook up veggies with the ground beef (or ground chicken or turkey for that matter) and it blends right in. Either way, she’ll be fine and hopefully as she gets older she’ll come to appreciate veggies more.

      One additional option, if you do want to talk to a certified nutritionist – Maven Clinic is an online portal where you can talk to doctors and other health care practitioners (including nutritionists). They are reasonably priced (to book with a nutritionist it’s only $25), but they also send out free sessions from time to time as well. I’ve used them several times over the last few years for various things and if you use code DVZJG your first session is free, so you can check it out at no cost to you.

  126. Hi!
    I’ve been researching how to charm an object. This lead me to a concer: what if my charmed object gets lost or damaged?

    • If a charmed item gets damaged you would need to fix it (if possible) and then redo the charm spell, or if it’s lost or beyond repair, you’d need to get a new one and again, redo the spell. In general though, even if the object stays undamaged for years, it’s a good idea to re-charge the spell every so often. You don’t necessarily have to redo the whole thing (depending on what it was in the first place), but definitely need to boost it with a bit of energy.

  127. Sos! I dont practice wicca but i think someone has casted a spell on me or is going to tonight! Im not a true believer. Well not of much. But I want to be safe. What are some simple and quick ways to protect myself from spells casters? Is there something as simple as painting a symbol on a stone I can do right now? Hopefully bounce the spell back at her?

    • I could direct you to spells or protection charms, etc… but if you don’t practice witchcraft and don’t really believe in such things either then they probably aren’t going to be of much help to you. Generally speaking, in order for magic to work (or at least for spells that you cast to work), you have to believe that they are going to work (see: Do Spells Work)

      Something that you could try is basic shielding. If you are worried about something happening while you sleep, take some time right before bed and meditate or get into a trance state. When you are calm and focused, visualize yourself surrounded by a protective bubble that reflects any negative energy that is sent your way. See the bubble (in your mind’s eye) blocking any unwanted spells that are sent your way. If you want, you can create a chant (a simple one sentence) that you can repeat as you visualize the creation of your bubble. Then repeat from time to time, as needed, in order to recharge the protection.

  128. Hello, it seems like all of my affermations are turning around to the opposite. I am at a loss. And dont know where to start to fix this. Please help

    • Make sure that you aren’t unknowingly sabotaging yourself. It’s not just a matter of saying the affirmations (no matter how firmly you believe in them), you have to follow through with actions that will help make them a reality. Even if that means doing a little bit of “fake it ’til you make it, ” the more you act in ways that support those affirmations, the more likely they are to be true.

      This is at the basis of most spellwork in general , it’s not enough just to say the words, you have to also “walk the walk.” And even if you feel unsure about something, you have to act as though you have no doubts, or your scattered focus can have a negative impact as well.

  129. Ive been practicing witchcraft for about 8 years now and ive been having dream issues. Two nights ago i dreamt i was with my close friend and we were on a island with crystal clear water spearing fish and enjoying the beautiful water. Last night i had one of the most terrifying dreams. I was in my old house i grew up in that has since burnt down, i walk into my old room and its pitch black. I lay down in bed and right up against my ear i hear a “three person voice” say “i wish i knew what heaven looked like.” I can usually interpret my dreams but this one was far beyond me. I practice white magic and have many herbs and stones. What should i do?

    • Sometimes dreams are just dreams. So if you can’t find any sort of personal meaning in a dream, then it may be that it doesn’t have one. If you are still concerned about it, you can always do a cleaning ritual or set up something that will help boost restful and/or a dreamless sleep. But honestly, unless it keeps happening, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  130. I have a serious question. Ive been looking for my mom for years and i was told i could find her using a chalice. Im new to wicca and i was wondering, how would i be able to look into someone’s eyes using a chalice¿ is there a website i could visit to get the spell¿

    • Wicca is an oath-bound mystery religion, primarily focused on honoring the God and Goddess while celebrating the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth – through the passing of the seasons. Introduced publicly by Gerald Gardner in the early part of the 20th century, it is a mix of witchcraft, ceremonial magic and other older Pagan religions. Spellwork, in and of itself, isn’t Wiccan – it’s simply witchcraft.

      Having said that, while you can use magic to help boost your efforts to find someone, there is nothing that will instantly allow you to find them, and anyone offering you such is probably trying to scam you. Magic, in most cases, requires action – in addition to saying the words/doing the spell. For example, if a student wants to do well on a test, simply saying a spell won’t do anything if they haven’t at least read the necessary material. Magic enhances, but it’s not a cure-all. It can’t defy the laws of physics/nature.

  131. Greetings to all,

    In hopes that I am able to receive proper and overdue guidance in my sudden journey into paganism I would like to tell you a short summary of how I became the overwhelmed yet blindly dedicated being I am today…. Honestly, in disregard of all warning and religious or non- religious beliefs, I chose to very avidly work with a Ouija board. The board as I was told, was not yet used by anyone, nor the people who I ended up having a very odd and short roommate situation with at my home… so therefore, me being the one person that has always been in on the conversation with the board from the beginning, I assume rights are basically mine on it and it is most bonded to me. I do feel and have from the beginning, felt a very intrapersonal and protective Vibe about the board. Regardless, once very deep into my spiritual “Adventure” with it.. I guess I would call it… I started receiving what seemed to be very important, and to this day I 100%believe to be more than subconscious (due to the knowledge both I and the other board member had/have on this subject), messages about being a naturally born pagan of some variation. It began religiously speaking of the potential Within Me of “strong” Magick and many times about spells the importance that I follow this path on the multiverse itself. As unsure and skeptical as I was… I had always found interest in the craft and such. The instant I decided to begin converting myself, (or at least begin hardcore research and experiment the best I could on my budget, with it being so sudden)… Was the moment that my Patron Goddess Hekate visited me (through one of my MANY candle powered, Jade and frankincense incense fueled, board sessions) that she wanted me to “open myself” to her and create some form of spiritual connection, Bond or Pact. Since then, I have been mostly blind other than Google and my best friend’s mother who, coincidentally also has a very strong Pact with the same goddess. I have so far, chosen to try my best on walking this path and understanding it on my own… But I fear the mistakes and overconfidence that I may have mistakenly made along the way. At one point, I was very strongly attracted to Alchemy. However, while it seems to correlate with things in my life (such as the phrase “Full Circle”, which has been a very strongly charged and repetitive saying in my life)by random and seems to pique my interest… I feel this strong calling inside of me saying that it’s not my “correct” form of magick or that maybe this just isn’t all or I’m not processing it properly. Every simple spell, incantation, or enchantment , Etc seems to either backfire or not work plain and simple. I’ve tried creating them 100% of My Own, 100% by the book and also casting somewhere in the middle. I have crafted my own pendulum, my own candles and my own oil . I even crafted my own Ouija board . I’m not sure if NOTHING exactly work, but nothing that I’m aware of has… and it just seems that there should be a hint by now of something. Am I just completely lost? Am I not meant to do any of this? Is there any way to find out what my magical branch is meant to be, if so? And any other possible guidance that could be given in regards to my path… I would greatly appreciate..

    Blessed Be

  132. Hello there. Me and my mother went thrift shopping and I found this locket. If you email me then I will send a picture. I want to know what all of the sigils and stuff on it mean. I’ve been looking online for it but I can’t find any of these sigils. None. I would love it if you would help me.

  133. I have come here over a few family heirlooms I inherited several years ago, ten books written in Latin about the soul, soul characteristics, and the such. Regarding these books I have to respect my great grandmother’s wishs and I can’t share most things in them, infact according to her I can only share the first two pages of each books rough ideas but what I can share relates to my question and I will give before.
    After much reading and translations I have come across two terms in these books that reoccur alot, in english soul oracle and soul seer, and none of what I Google lines up with what is in the books. I’ll give the basic English translations to the two terms. Please note that in translations due to context and such I sometimes have to use characteristics and traits interchangeably for my own organization.

    Soul oracle: defined as someone who learned to analyze an indivduals soul and it’s deeper characteristics by looking at said person’s Aura and if allowed soul. (Nothing about cards in the whole area like Google showed)

    Soul Seer: a sub classification of soul oracle in which goes a step further in repairing broken souls, removing natural traits of a soul, adding new traits, and various small things outside of what my great grandma said I could share.

    So my question is, would anyone here know the orgins of my family heirloom or the history behind them?

    • Unfortunately, it’s nothing I’ve ever heard of. Not sure if it’s helpful or not, but the word aura was not used in a spiritual sense really until the mid-to late 1800s, Though the word does have Latin and Greek origins, it primarily meant “breeze” or “air” (occasionally referring to “breath”). So if you have Latin text that is using the word “aura” in a sense of reading someone’s energy field – it’s no older than the late 1800s.

      Could be some sort of family tradition, and if the practices have always been oath-bound then it’s unlikely that those outside of the family would know anything about it.

      • Thank you! Even knowing a general century is a big help! The heirlooms are only passed down to one individual, shortly before the previous owner feels that are about to leave the world. I always found it strange that my great grandma told me when she handed them to me that I am to not even take the books out if I can see so much as a single insect in the room. I will just continue studying the books and find my own meaning to them! I will continue asking around in different areas to see if I can dig up more information. Again, thank you for your time!

  134. Hello, I have done a lot of studying for paganism, I am just wonder where to start. I have lots of questions and have no clue where to go or ask them. Like where to find things out about certain God’s and how often to give them offerings, how to give them offerings, etc. TIA I am excited to start my paganism journey.

    • The big question is whether there is a specific type of paganism that interests you? Are you drawn to a particular culture or pantheon, etc… Knowing which one is important, as this will impact (to some degree) where you would go to get the information you need (assuming it exists). If you are unsure, I would direct you to our Paganism FAQ page, which has a list of some of the more well known paths, along with links to some of our other “where to begin” posts, that you may find helpful.

      If you can reply back and let me know which direction you are leaning, I can look into getting some more specific resources.

  135. When people ask me what I am (religion wise), I always say that I’m a Pagan. But the Pagan crowd that I hang around adress themselves as Pagan witches. But this made me ponder to myself; what are Pagans called? Is it like how somebody who follows Islam is a Muslim? Is there more than one way to address yourself?

    • In a technical sense, the word “pagan” is an umbrella term that encompasses almost all non-Abrahamic religions, Under that umbrella there are many different paths and religions that a person might also identify as, assuming they are a member of said path/religion. Though of course, it’s still perfectly fine to just say “I’m Pagan” especially if one’s doesn’t necessarily feel like going into a detailed explanation of one’s practices (or if it’s a path that isn’t as well-known). As far as exactly what other paths are out there, I would direct you to our Paganism FAQ page for a list of some of the more common ones.

  136. Can you give me the name(s) of any goddesses associated with the wind in Celtic, Britton, or Anglo Saxon theology? I have always felt a closeness to the power of the wind, and have recently discovered my signs to be earth, and double air. When looking online, I’ve not had great results concerning this subject in my search close to my ethnic roots. I find deities that are Male or from other cultures. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Not really finding much in the way of “wind” specific goddesses either, and the only potential one that comes to mind that is even remotely related would be Cailleach. Though more associated with winter weather in general (among other things), there are windstorm associations as well.

      Sometimes even if we want to stick close to our roots, that isn’t always what truly calls to us, so if the Cailleach doesn’t resonate with you, don’t be afraid to look to other pantheons (though make sure you are doing so with respect to those cultures, particularly if they are still living cultures). Another possibility is that in many cultures things like wind (and air in general) were more related to elementals or “lesser” entities, rather than Gods specifically. For example, in Norse lore, the Jötunn were often related to forces of nature, and there are similar beings in other pantheons. So it may be a good idea to expand your search a little as well and see what calls to you.

  137. What is it called when you can look at someone and their face transforms into it’s TRUE self. For instance I looked at someone and seen the true evil in them for their face transformed to something that was evil. I had done so again to someone else and it was angelic so to speak . I want to really work on this but I cant find info on what it is .

    • You can’t find any information on it, because it’s not a real thing (or at least not something that should be happening randomly whenever you encounter people). You can do spells or meditation/trance work to help you gain insight on someone’s true nature, but if you are seeing people’s faces transform whenever you look at them, I would honestly suggest that you talk to your doctor to first rule out any potential medical conditions that could be causing you to hallucinate. For example, prosopometamorphopsia is a specific condition that can cause a person to see distorted faces. There are a number of other conditions, such as migraines, neurological disorders and conditions related to one’s eyes that can cause problems as well. In any case, it is never a good idea to assume a magical reason for something before looking into all the mundane possibilities. If you’ve been checked out by a qualified medical professional, then you can start looking to the possible of magical reasons.

      From a magical perspective, this isn’t to say that you can’t have visions about someone – but generally speaking that involves meditation or trance work. If you are having uncontrolled visions, then I’d work practicing your meditation skills (which is a good thing to work on no matter what), but definitely get a check up as well, in the meantime.

  138. Hello! Some context is needed I think. I’m a very beginner practicer and have stopped for the most part because I’m moving and it’s hard to move an altar with me in a little car with a cat. I usually wear a pendant that’s a pewter waxing(pointing to the left) crescent moon. I recently put a small acrylic ball that holds a four leaf clover on the cord two months ago but four weeks ago I took my necklace off completely and didn’t wear it again. I just put my pewter necklace back on without the clover and got sick to my stomach. Should I keep it on? Or take it off?
    Thanks!(sorry for the essay)

    • Moving is stressful, and stress can certainly lead to stomach upset. It’s also flu season. Not to mention, with the government shutdown nearly into its second month there are a number of things (such as food inspections) that are not getting done the way they are supposed to be done. This doesn’t mean companies aren’t doing what they can, but still… it’s not a great situation for any of us. In addition to all that, sometimes we just feel sick to our stomach (ate too much, too many gassy foods, didn’t eat enough, etc…) In any case, any one of these things could be the cause of your stomach issues, so I’m not sure why you would assume it was your necklace.

      If you aren’t feeling called to practice right now (and again, with a big move that is totally normal), then there is nothing that says you have to practice. Just as there is nothing that says if you don’t wear pagan jewelry, then obviously you aren’t “pagan” enough. Wear what you want to. If you get a sick feeling every time you put the necklace on, then maybe it’s the necklace (though at that point, I’d argue, if you think it’s making you sick, then it will make you sick, because you are expecting it to). But if you are really worried about it, maybe do a cleansing on the necklace and recharge it with some positive lunar energy.

  139. Hello, I’m not sure if there are still people who answer from this website, but I figured it was worth a shot. When I was younger, I had a friend who was pretty serious about practicing this religion. Although she was young, (as was I) I believe she practiced some magic on herself and I, and from what I remember, it didn’t seem like anything good. I would love to be able to chat further with someone who knows a bit more about it and who could answer a few questions I have. Thanks in advance!

  140. Hello,
    I am in need of some guidance. My family friends mini horse died of old age last night, in our care. Is there a ritual I can preform for her? I feel responsible for her, even after her passing, and I would like to give everyone including her, some closure. I just have a feeling that it’s something that I have to do, but I would like to do it properly.

  141. I have a question about the use of a crystal pendulum. I have recently started to the use a crystal pendulum, a friend gave me one and I was very intrigued by the accuracy of it’s answers of yes and no. Yesterday I decided to switch hands from holding the pendulum in my right hand to my left hand. When I hold the crystal with my right hand it swings in a clockwise circle for yes and counter clockwise circle for no. When I asked it to “show me yes” “show me no” using my left hand to suspend the pendulum, yes and no are reversed. Yes is counter clockwise no is clockwise. I asked my friend if she ever used her non dominant hand to suspend the pendulum from and she told me yes. I asked if it swings the same in both hands and she told me it does. I’m curious as to what the significance is then that every time I try it using one hand then the other, I have a mirror image effect on how the crystal shows it’s answers. is this common?

  142. I have recently been experiencing orbs and glimmers in my house. I am planning to save my house after waking up with scratches today. Do you have any advice on this?

  143. Hi!

    I’m not Pagan myself, however my lovely neighbor is – I can see her altar through a window she leaves open. She has several goddess statues, crystals, and other items that lead me to this conclusion. I’ve just had a baby and she has been beyond helpful. I’d like to get her a thoughtful gift, potentially related to her practice, and was curious if anyone here had an idea? Based on cursory research I know there are some beliefs about basically leaving people alone because potentially your positive actions or blessings could have unintended consequences. Is there a goddess related gift I could get her that would be generally accepted as positive, or should I stick to a restaurant gift card or something equally benign?

    • Because there are literally almost endless possibilities when it comes to the various Pagan paths, without knowing specifics about what her practices entail and which Goddesses she works with/honors, I would definitely suggest sticking with more mundane gifts.

  144. Hi, not sure where to start. I have been raised christian all my life, but over the last few years i have been moving towards Norse Paganism. It started for me when i started researching family lineage. I feel that i want to make the leap over to it completely but i am still have a hard time reconciling/coming to terms with my past in Christianity. I feel connected to one but also attached to the other. I am just looking for a bit of help coming to terms with everything. Thanks for your time.

    • Unfortunately, that’s not a process that anyone can really help you with. That is to say, we (and other people) can tell you all sorts of things about why Heathenry is a great path, but we can’t say whether it’s the right path for you (only you can determine that). In the meantime, a few questions to you, in order to try to point you in the right direction…

      What exactly are you trying to reconcile? Or what parts of your past do you feel you need to overcome in order to move forward onto a new path?

      I would also suggest, that if you are still on the fence a bit, just continue studying until you feel more ready to make the leap. There’s really no hurry, so take all the time you need until you feel more comfortable. Meditate or talk to the Gods you feel drawn to, and keep in mind too, that there are eclectic paths that incorporate both Christianity and Paganism, so if you are drawn to both (or there are parts of Christianity that you don’t want to leave behind) it may be that you don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other.

  145. I am at a delema. Is is safe to use a move away spell on myself. Or use it on the person as to whom i wish would get his own life. My boyfriend is 49. We have been togather for 9 years. 8 of those years i have raised 2 of his boys and his father lives with us. Boys are now 10 and 15 and are staying with their mom now. His dad is manipulating and conniving. Has been for years now. It has come to the point where ither his dad move or i do. His dad has taken over the house. I stay in the bedroom until he goes somewhere. Then do my house work. When he come back i go back to the bedroom. When Bobby comes in from work he stays out outside and begins his drinking. Doesn’t like confrontation. We used to talk about everything from wicca. Spells. The moon our future and the boys. Moving to Someplace where we could be a family and be happy. To no talking at all. no hopes no dreams. He says his dad needs him. His dad is an active 72 year old who has always had his way. If he even g e ts an inkling of us moving he gets in bobbys ear and then his head about he can’t make it by himself. When the boys come now on the weekends. Bobbys gets drunk and pays no attention to them. His dad has been talking to the boys. Telling them how selfish and only think about myself. These 2 tell me everything. And want to know why when they tell their dad. He says he is just old. And Just to ignore him. By the gods and goddesses i am at my wits end. Have done meditating. Speaking to the gods and goddesses for some assistance. So is the move away spell for me or for him.

    • I think you should do a protection spell for yourself and the kids, then consider doing a spell for needed change, rather than one for moving. You can use the one here (or modify it as needed). Be really specific about exactly what sort of change you are looking for, and stick to one or two goals to start. If you try to do too much, your focus will be scattered and it will be less likely to work (also if there are too many outside factors to account for, that can affect it as well).

      Personally however, I think you should leave him. Use the spellwork to boost getting yourself out and safe before the situation takes a turn for the worse. Talk to the boys’ mother (if you can) and be frank about her ex’s alcoholism and his father’s behaviors and let her know that if she continues to allow the kids over, they will be influenced by the two of them and will eventually grow up to be just like them if she doesn’t do something now to mitigate the damage (especially if you won’t be there any longer to be a positive influence on them or to help take care of them). I think that it is unlikely that your boyfriend or his father will ever change (even with magical assistance), so you need to focus on the things that you can accomplish rather than trying to make someone else change something that is a deeply ingrained aspect of their behavior.

      I know you may not want to hear this, and I know you have invested a lot of time in this relationship, however the longer you stay, the worse it’s going to get. Already you can’t even leave your bedroom when he’s home (and worse, you are still cleaning up after them, even though clearly it’s not your mess), and I don’t think it’s worth it to you to continue to waste time with someone who clearly does not value you (or even really love you). If your boyfriend truly loved you, he wouldn’t let his father treat you that way. It’s time to move on so you can live a much happier life.

  146. I am very new to paganism and am two weeks into study the Wiccan religion, while studying I came across Traditional Wicca: a seeker’s guide by Thorn Mooney, in the book, while she was talking about working skyclad she mentioned having a ‘working partner’, I’ve searched for it in many different ways and I simply can not find out what it means, if you could please answer it I’d be eternally gratefully, Please and thank you.

    • Traditionally, Wicca is an oath-bound mystery religion, that is focused primarily on honoring the God and Goddess, while celebrating the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth through the passing of the seasons. Though often touted as an ancient religion, Wicca, as it is currently practiced, is relatively modern. Introduced publicly by Gerald Gardner in the early part of the 20th century, it is a mix of witchcraft, ceremonial magic and other older Pagan religions.

      In addition to personal spiritual practices, Wiccan rituals are typically celebrated on the Sabbats and Esbats. Sabbats are held on the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days, while Esbats are held monthly at the full moon. Though both the God and Goddess are always honored at these ceremonies, Sabbats (which are solar in nature) relate primarily to the God’s journey through the Wheel of the Year, while Esbats (which are lunar in nature) are focused on the Goddess.

      To your specific question, Wicca, is a Priesthood — one that serves to honor the Wiccan God and Goddess. As it is a fertility-based religion, its rituals typically require a minimum of two people. From a traditional standpoint, this was usually a man and a woman (one to represent the God and one to represent the Goddess), hence the need for a partner to perform the rituals with. If one is not an initiate, and is practicing a more eclectic solitary path, then having a partner isn’t as much of an issue.

      Thorn is an initiate and her book is a good one to read. She also has a YouTube channel that might offer additional insights as well.

  147. Is it rude or bad to give a crystal or gem to a Pagan? My teacher is Pagan and I wanna give her green aventurine, but I don’t know if that a no no, plz help

    • “Pagan” is an umbrella term that applies to many different religions and paths, rather than a specific religion in and of itself — you can read more about it here in our Paganism FAQ. Having said that though, there are many people who identify as Pagan who may use crystals in their path (or just really like collecting them). So, in most cases, it’s probably fine. If you are really worried about it, you could always ask them first.

    • Nah you’re good, it’ll be an amazing gift, and maybe find a triquatra trinket to go with it, it’s a symbol of protection. ^^

    • Unless you belong to a particular tradition or path that has exacting requirements, in general, you can use whatever you feel called to use. If you are unsure, you can always meditate and ask the deity or spirit in question, how they feel about certain items. But in most cases, you should be fine.

  148. I am new to this path. I was sitting at my altar in silence with my cat and I got a weird tingly sensation like something positive went through or entered my body. I am currently trying to find a deity to work with me. Is there a specific reason for this sensation? Did something happen and if so what is it called? Or was something trying to contact me? Thank you for your time 🙂

    • The practical answer is that sometimes when we sit in one position for too long (especially if you are on the floor), you can get weird tingly feelings in your body from where blood flow is reduced and/or nerves are compressed, etc… So that is definitely one possibility, and in general we always advise looking towards the most logical mundane answer before assuming that something is spiritual or magical in nature.

      Outside of that, could it have been a spirit or deity? I mean, sure, but that’s not something we can give a “for sure” answer about. It’s something that only you can know the answer to. The best way to determine if it is a spirit or deity is to continue trying to communicate with it. If what happened doesn’t happen again, then you will know that it likely wasn’t anything of import. However, if you get other signs during your sessions, you will have a better idea that something might be trying to get your attention.

      In terms of finding a deity to work with you, don’t necessarily be in a big rush. If you know which pantheons interest you, take your time reading and researching the religions and paths that are related to that pantheon. Because it’s not so much about just finding a God/Goddess, especially as not all of them can be neatly dropped into a NeoPagan path. Each pantheon (in most cases) has its own history and culture and many have their own associated rituals and ways of honoring/worship. It’s better to discover if those things are of interest to you, earlier on in the process, rather than later.

  149. Hi I’m not pagan but my best friend is, we don’t tend to talk about religion much due to my bad experience with Catholicism. She is a big gift giver and often her gifts are a bit on the pagan side : colored candles and stuff like that. Recently she gave me a hair stick made out of bone.
    Does this mean anything? Is it rude to ask? I know about bone throwing- am I supposed to do something?

    • Worth mentioning that just because she’s Pagan, doesn’t mean that her gifts are “pagan.” Lots of people, of various religions (and no religions at all) use candles, incense, herbs, crystals, etc… that are often used by Pagans, but that doesn’t make them Pagan-specific. I feel it’s safe to say that the same applies to your hair stick (regardless of what it’s made of). As to what you are supposed to do… use it for its intended purpose — as a hair stick.

      But also, if this is your best friend, you should be able to ask her these questions and she should have no problem answering them. Even if it’s something you don’t normally talk about.

  150. Hi! I am planning on creating a photo using an older method of photography and would like the focus to be on traditional paganism. I have been looking online for what type of clothing and items I should be using to make the photo more realistic but I am just getting a lot of costumes. I have a friend who is pagan but she is so new to the religion she wasn’t sure of an answer. How should I go about preparing for this photo in your opinon?

    • Part of the problem is that “Pagan” is an umbrella term that applies to many different religions and paths, rather than a specific religion in and of itself — you can read more about it here in our Paganism FAQ.

      The other part of that will also depend on how old you are looking to go. Certain cultures and their practices date back farther, but traditional Wicca (for example) was introduced in the early part of the 20th century, and other paths that are based on the non-oathbound parts of that are even more recent. Also many of them, especially the newer ones, don’t have any particular garb or tools required (or some work skycladd, which probably isn’t what you are going for either).

      The point being “traditional” Paganism isn’t really a thing, so unless you can narrow it down to a specific religion or path, it’s going to be hard to determine if there are any particular clothing items/tools you might need.

      • If you are looking at trad Wicca, and want to get a better idea of what Gardner’s original coven members (or others around that time) might have worn, you can look for images of Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, and Eleanor Bone. For Alexandrian Wicca, you can look at images of Alex and Maxine Sanders or Janet and Stewart Farrar.

  151. Hi! So I’ve decided to become Wiccan. So i started doing research and one thing I researched was about patrons, I still don’t have a grasp on how to figure out if a god/goddess is sending you signals, but as I was researching it it a thunderstorm started! This is the 3rd one this week, is that a sign?

    • From a traditional standpoint, Wicca is the priesthood of a specific God and Goddess (whose names are oathbound and not known to those who have not been initiated). So if that is the path you are being called to, then how to recognize signs and signals from them would be something to bring up with your during training with your coven.

      In general though, things happen, so unless you were meditating and specifically asking for a sign, one random happening probably doesn’t mean anything. If you are trying to communicate with a God or Goddess and repeatedly see something happen, then that may more likely be a sign. But having said that, there have been rain and t-storms in various parts of the country, it seems like for months on end at this point, so I don’t know that I’d take having 3 in a week as necessarily meaning that the Gods are trying to get your attention — unless you live in an area that doesn’t normally get them. For example, if the news was saying that this week was going to be sunny and perfect and on 3 separate days the t-storms came absolutely out of nowhere, then maybe that would be something to consider (and you can always check forecasts and weather patters to see if something is unusual for your area). But, otherwise, with how unstable the weather has been in general, I wouldn’t call it a definite sign.

  152. Is there any sort of thing that can cause Multi-personality. Or that can make a person split into having multiple personalities? I would also like to ask about demons. Specifically about possession. But more specifically, is it possible to be part demon? Or have demon blood in a human?

    • If you (or someone you know) is experiencing something that feels like they have multiple personalities (or dissociative identity disorder, as it’s currently called), please seek a qualified medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment before looking to any sort of magical or supernatural causes. If a doctor gives you a clean bill of health, then you can look into other possibilities.

      In almost all cases where someone assumes “possession” is occurring, the person involved actually has a treatable mental health condition. So getting that evaluated is always the first step before assuming it’s demons or anything else.

  153. Cleansing ritual or binding spell?
    A guy I know wants me to participate in what he calls a cleaning ritual. He wants to go deep into the woods and make a circle. He said he would use his blood (and I think salt) he said using my blood too would help make it stronger. He wants me dressed in white and him in black. Then we have sex in the circle. Another friend of mine warned me not to do it because she says its a binding spell, not a cleaning ritual. So which is it?

    • At the heart of any ritual is trusting those you are circling with, even more so when it comes to sex magic. The fact is, no one else can tell you what that ritual is for, except for him. So if you don’t trust his words, and have any doubts about what the ritual might actually be about, then you should refrain from participating.

      The only thing I can tell you is that it doesn’t sound like any cleansing ritual I’ve ever done, but that doesn’t mean much, because “ask 100 witches, get 100 answers”—there are many different ways to do things, especially for those who are adept at creating their own spells.

      Since he’s expecting you to participate, I would ask him to tell you how the spell is supposed to work and what purpose each component (the blood, salt, sex, or anything else that is involved) has specifically and/or how it helps to power the cleansing. Also, what exactly is it that you supposed to be cleansing that you need to use blood/sex magic for? Because for a general “cleansing” ritual, that seems a bit overkill, unless you were trying to actually banish something.

      Again, it’s not that it couldn’t be a cleansing of some sort, but really, this may be one you want to skip, if you aren’t absolutely sure. Because something about it does seem a little off to me, and I can see why your friend would be worried that it was something other than he is claiming. And if he is trying to bind you without your consent (even if you are consenting to the sex), that’s still a pretty shitty thing for someone to do to another person.

      As a side note, I also question how well the magic would work though (assuming he up to something else), because if you go into the ritual thinking it’s a cleansing and are focusing on making that happen, and he’s working at a different purpose—that’s going to skew magical energies you are raising together (with the sex magic).

      Bottom line, be absolutely sure what you are getting into, otherwise your best choice is always to walk away, especially if he tries to pressure you about it. That would be a pretty sure sign that something isn’t right.

  154. I am new to paganism, and still learning. My boyfriend has been pagan for many years, and is a member of a coven. He offered to let me join, but I refused after he described what it is like. His coven is VERY hypersexual, and he told me that there is almost always sexual interactions in each meeting because they believe firmly in the power behind sexuality. I understand that is a following they have, but as a sexual assault survivor I would be extremely uncomfortable there. He promised that if I did decide to attend, nobody would have a problem with me refusing to take part in anything (consent is very important there), but I mostly just have a problem seeing sexual acts in front of me due to trauma. I am still very interested in joining a coven, but I am worried they might all be hypersexual like this one. Are all covens hypersexual? Is there such a thing as a coven that does not practice sexual magic openly during meetings? I have no problem with sexual magic, I just don’t feel comfortable seeing it due to previous trauma. So, is there any hope on me joining a coven that is more PG?

    • Depends on the tradition, but in general most covens are not hyper-sexual (or even moderately sexual), and there are plenty that do not openly practice ritualized sex at all (or if they do, it’s symbolic, rather than actual people having sex). So, while it’s good to see that his coven feels strongly about consent (because if they didn’t I’d tell you to RUN far and fast), I would still politely decline and continue to look for another coven that better suits your needs.

    • Paganism is an umbrella term that encompasses a very wide variety of religious and spiritual paths, so there is nothing specifically “pagan” that prevents anyone from wearing deodorant. However, some people (as it relates to their own personal beliefs) may be adverse to items that contain a lot of chemicals or synthetic additives, etc… which they feel are toxic and/or harmful to themselves or the environment. Either way though, as long as they are taking care of their own hygiene, it shouldn’t matter if they are wearing deodorant or not.

  155. Hello this is an unusual question but does a v shaped scratch mean anything.
    I’m a Christian but I feel I must ask all forms for an understanding

    • Unless you were specifically asking an entity to make a “v” shaped scratch on you around the time you noticed it (and even then, it’s always a good idea to be skeptical), odds are it’s just a scratch.

  156. To anybody who kindly reads and replies to this comment, thank you so much. I’ve never commented on here before so I suppose I will just get right to it! : )

    I am pagan with wiccan leanings and my husband very much leans towards paganism in his interests, beliefs and lifestyle. We have been married for 2 years this year, in a commited relationship for 5 years, and friends for 10 years before that.

    Our marriage was not a handfasting, as due to circumstances (we are a couple from 2 different countries, so many complications…) we just wanted something small, simple and private. In a couple of years when we can afford to make it a bigger celebration with family and friends present, we will do a handfasting. Just for clarification, we do live together and have for years.

    What we have been discussing though, is the possibility of a deeper bonding/binding ritual which we are both fully consensual of and would love to do sooner than our handfasting ceremony. We were considering using our blood in the ritual also, although I am aware of the huge taboo around this which is partly why I find myself writing this and seeking advice. I am a solitary practitioner apart from when my husband joins me in rituals, and so I am not part of a community where I could ask advice from those with more knowledge and experience than myself.

    If it helps give an idea of us, we are an incredibly connected couple, we’ve even had complete strangers on the street tell us what a sweet/cute/glowing couple we are. We work on ourselves and our relationship, and support each other to grow and be the absolute best we can be. Being an international couple, we have shown unwavering love and loyalty through some very tough times, and both made sacrifices for the other. We truly feel honoured to love each other and that this is not our first life together. When we first met, he just felt like home to me. That’s the only way I can describe it, like my soul breathed a sigh of relief and said “Finally, there you are” and he feels the exact same way.

    We both want to do a beautiful, loving binding ritual, with the aim of an even deeper bond, to ensure that we spend our next lives together, and as a further commitment to our relationship.

    Does such a ritual exist already, separate to handfasting? (We would still tailor it to us as it’s such a personal thing) Is there any definite advice on absolute do’s and don’ts of such a ritual? Is it still such a frowned upon thing to use blood when it is completely consensual, shared in pure love, and as part of a ritual which is only positive in its aims and bond?

    It’s very hard to find information on such a ritual as my research is throwing up only handfasting (we absolutely plan to do that when we can) or love spells to find/bind love often against somebody’s will, which is not something anybody should be doing…

    We would truly appreciate any insight, ritual ideas to consider, and just further info especially with regards to blood. For anybody reading and thinking “why the desire to include blood at all though??” – perfectly reasonable to ask – I think for the very reasons it is taboo, it appeals to us both. Because it is your life force, it pounds through your heart, it is the most precious substance that you could share with another. So for that reason we feel the desire to include it, but we do not consider doing so lightly. Any advice would be appreciated so so much, thank you for taking the time to read this ❤

    • My advice is… don’t do it—or at least not now. Maybe once you’ve been together 30 years or 40 years, but 5 years is nothing. These sorts of things sounds romantic, but honestly, if you are soulmates that are meant to be together across multiple lifetimes, then you will be. The downsides of binding yourselves together far outweigh any potential benefits (and I’m not even sure there are any benefits to doing it—even if it’s consensual). I’d go on, but I’ve already covered the topic quite a bit here:

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